A unique site for a unique company

The Situation

Critical Outcome Technologies was looking for a website as unique as their program. With the investment community as a target market, COTI needed a website that broke down their business goals and values in an easily understandable way.
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The Solution

Our design process for this site was motivated by the industry COTI resides in. We stuck with a modern and clinical colour-pallet to reflect both their growth in both medical and pharmaceutical. We also focused on their pipeline and drug discovery process pages, and helped users understand the complicated medical jargon with full screen visuals and subtle interactivity.

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The Interactive Media Awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development. The competition, founded by a nonprofit organization, is designed to elevate the standards of excellence on the Internet. We’re proud to accept the award for Best in Class pharmaceutical website for the Critical Outcome Technologies website!


Uniquely designed pipeline page.

Revision of investor section with important info showcased in ‘investment highlights’ area.

Bold, full screen imagery reflecting their day-to-day discovery process.

Animation & interactivity features to bring their story to life.

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