Creating a ‘wow’ factor

The Situation

NexOptic Technology Corp. is a company that offers a cutting edge new lens technology. They believe their product will create a big change in their industry and market, and the company wanted their new website to have that same ‘wow’ factor. We worked with them on ways to communicate their story to investors in a highly visual and stunning way.

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The Solution

We designed a website that was big, bright, and open. Background video really makes the NexOptic homepage pop, and brand-focused icons draw users in to the most important highlights of the company. We also included two timelines on the website that focus on historical events surrounding the telescope and the lens as we know it, as well as NexOptic’s company successes and business growth.

Nexoptic #1


Looping background video with clean, modern design.

Timeline graphic educating users about NexOptic’s progress.

Logo creation and branding

Intuitive sign up area where user chooses which info to receive.

Nexoptic #2
Nexoptic #3
Nexoptic #4
Nexoptic #5