5 Web Design Trends for Your IR Website

Design can really make or break your brand identity. The web design of your website is especially important, because it’s basically your company’s front door. When it comes to design, it has to look good, and it needs to be functional; but the biggest question is how? Make it cleaner and less cluttered? Kind of vague don’t you think? Our creative team came up with a list of 5 key trends in web design to give you a better picture of how we create clean and intuitive websites:

Parallax Scrolling is a technique that is often used in websites, where the background image scrolls at a slower pace than the foreground. Still unsure of what parallax scrolling is? Check out Faris Investment Corporation’s website that we designed and a list of 20 best websites with parallax scrolling of 2013 on Awwwards. The scrolling creates a visually appealing effect, and makes the audience wonder ‘what’s beyond the fold?’ Accompanied with a clean and static navigation bar on the top, users can also fast forward the scrolling to a section they desire to read. The parallax effect allows the company to convey a compelling equity story with effective visual cues and breaks.

Bold and solid colors make a difference. Colors are a huge part in web design, think of it as a form of non-verbal communication. What do the colors say about your brand right now? Are the colors doing its job in brand recognition? The number of acceptable hues for brands keeps increasing and a sea of different blues showed up in design. Blue is known to be the color for trust, dependable and strength. That’s why blue is often seen with banks and businesses that hope to inspire trust. Take a look at this useful infographic created by Kissmetrics to know more about how color psychology works. Leave us a comment or give us a call if you need help deciding what color scheme best fits your company.

 Large image backgrounds are usually used in online photography portfolios, but the trend is growing and reaching many web designers as well. Imagery should not just be limited to photography; publicly traded companies can also draw stories and capture investors’ interest with visuals too. With Endeavour Silver’s website, we decided to whitewash large images and rotate them in the background. Hence, visitors will be constantly reminded of Endeavour Silver’s strategic silver acquisition and exploration programs by the rotating images in the background. Yet the images work in a way that doesn’t steal the spotlight from Endeavour’s rich content. Want to steal a look? Click here and remember to check out Endeavour’s Silver Hub too!

Big headlines and mixed & matched fonts – really trendy in terms of web design right now. We experimented with big, bold headlines and got great results with Texas Rare Earth’s corporate website. When investors enter the site, they will immediately see mining company’s catch phrases, which really summarize what the corporation is all about. Say for instance, “Unlocking a National Treasure in west Texas” and “Strategically Poised Long-Life Heavy Rare Earth Developer” against visually appealing images of Texas and the multi-metallic rare earth.

Responsive – you didn’t think I’d miss responsive did you? Responsive has been a trend in 2012 already, and it’ll continue to be a trend for as long as we use our mobile and tablets. 81% of mobile searches are driven by speed and convenience, says Google. It’s really not a surprise to anyone right? Searching on a mobile device is quicker, and easier. Investors can research about you anywhere. That’s why responsive is in trend, websites need to smart enough to respond to a wide range of screen sizes to engage mobile investors.

The Blender Team

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