Apps for Working Remotely on the Cloud

Going on a business trip but you still want to be virtually in the office?

Or do you need to work from home and remain present at your workplace?

Here are some apps that’ll help you out:

GoToMeeting allows you to host web conferencing and online meetings, so you can work with anyone, anywhere. It has the standard face-to-face online meetings and share screen functionalities on desktops, and also a free universal app that works on iPhone, iPad, and Androids. So when you’re away from the office or just without a desktop, you can still schedule or join virtual meetings, save the appointment directly to your calendar, present content using iPad, brainstorm with the team with a highlighter and whiteboard, see HDFaces video on iPad, and dial in over the device.

CloudOn is an app that gives you full power of applications like Microsoft Office to your tablet and smartphone. So if you’re on-the-go, you can still create a presentation or edit a document, and quickly share it. So from inserting formulas, to renaming the file, or just changing the font, you can achieve it with CloudOn. It also gives you the option to share the files via email, and store it on your Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive too.

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