GoDaddy improves their IR site visibility with one simple step

‘It’s Go-Time’ 

You may remember GoDaddy from their many (in)famous Super Bowl ads throughout the years. They just IPOed on April 1st of this year. Last week, the popular US web hosting company with the slogan ‘it’s go-time’ just did something that the majority of public companies fail to do, but really should. And no, it wasn’t make another uncomfortable ad.

Redirect genius 

The step is simple, really. GoDaddy’s ticker symbol is GDDY so, with the aid of Right of the Dot, the company bought the URL ‘’.  They then had that site automatically redirect visitors to GoDaddy’s main investor relations page.  IR Magazine writes that this process is ‘an easy way to improve access to your IR site’.

In a press release, GoDaddy Senior Vice President and General Manager of Domains (that’s a mouthful) Mike McLaughlin said “there are a lot of companies, large and small, that miss the opportunity to use domain names to make it easy for visitors. The right domain name gets visitors exactly where they want to go, eliminating extra steps and time”. He also added “our goal is to help small businesses be successful and part of that is informing them about best practices”.

What are the big boys doing?

The majority of them are behind. According to the press release, “about 20% of the Fortune 500 have their stock ticker as a domain name”. But out of those 20%, only 2 actually use the ticker symbol domain to redirect specifically to an investor relations page. Most just point to the company’s homepage.

Why we love that GoDaddy did this

This is a perfect example of how improving access to your investor site doesn’t always mean big, complicated concepts. Start with something as simple as acquiring your stock ticker’s URL and channeling all that traffic to your IR page.

Check it out for yourself here

or read the full news release here.

Marika Hirsch
Marika Hirsch

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