Methanex Corporation Case Study

The Company

Methanex, the world’s producer, and supplier of methanol, came to BLENDER with a mission to completely rebuild their site from the ground up. This is a massive company that generates over US$4.4 billion in revenue and has a market cap of CA$ 4.56 billion—so the stakes were high.
The end result exceeded expectations, with an attractive, crystal clear design that puts all the information an investor might need within a click or two.

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What the Methanex team had to say…


The Situation

Methanex approached BLENDER with several pain points regarding their old website. First, the navigational hierarchy was unclear, making it difficult for users to find the information they needed. Second, the global team had trouble logging in and updating the site, which led to outdated content. Finally, the old site did not adequately showcase Methanex’s commitment to ESG initiatives, which was inconsistent with the company’s values and mission.

The Solution

BLENDER provided several solutions to address these problems. First, we developed a crystal-clear navigational hierarchy that allowed all users to easily find the information they needed. Then we equipped them with our custom CMS solution and provided CMS training, which empowered Methanex’s global team to log in and make changes to the site from anywhere in the world. Finally, we designed a front page that drew attention to Methanex’s ESG projects, and created additional pages dedicated to showcasing the company’s sustainability efforts. These solutions improved user engagement, kept the site up-to-date, and aligned with Methanex’s values and mission.



Straightforward design that brings key data into sharp relief

A crystal-clear navigational hierarchy that allows any visitor to easily find the information they need

Spotlight on ESG and industry leadership

Improved global locations sections

Interactive timeline to showcase company history and milestones 

Updated branding and new imagery

methanex image 1

Holiday survival guide

The Situation

Each holiday season we love to flex our digital skills and create something fun for both our amazing clients and our community. Our big love is website design, so for the 2015 season, we wanted to present our peers with an interactive experience they could share.

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The Solution

After lots of brainstorming, and some eggnog drinking to get in the holiday mood, we decided to ease everyone’s holiday stressors and created an interactive holiday survival guide. Complete with 8 scenarios, we take you through the trails and tribulations of every holiday season. We enhanced the interactivity with social sharing, including some fun Instagram pullouts, hidden bonus tips, and a holiday playlist that you’ll actually want to listen to.

Survive the Holidays #1


The website received awards from various sites including, CSSDesignAwards, CSSWinner, and The Best Designs.

The short holiday campaign drew in over 7000 unique visitors

Average increase in daily site traffic over campaign was over 350%

Survive the Holidays #2
Survive the Holidays #3
Survive the Holidays #4
Survive the Holidays #5

IR Magazine 2015 Awards

The Situation

Blender was a sponsor and an award presenter for the 2015 US IR Magazine Awards. Instead of simply giving away the award and posing for a photo on stage, we decided to do something that no one would be expecting.

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The Solution

We created a boxing-themed mini-campaign that pitted each nominee against each other. The campaign featured an animated and interactive website with nominee stat-cards for social media sharing. We also produced a teaser video to generate buzz around the awards night, and it was shown to all the attendees the night of the event.

IR Champ 1
IR Champ 2
The Digi Awards are Canada’s annual showcase of digital content, celebrating the very best in the digital media landscape. They honour those making waves in their industry from video to advertising, to digital technologies. Our IRchamp campaign was a finalist for the 2015 DigiAwards in the category of multi-channel communications.

Highlights site traffic increased 41% week over week.

Facebook and Twitter reach increased almost 400%.

Over 2,200 views of the teaser video on Facebook with less than $150 in advertising spend.

The campaign was such a hit that we were finalists in the 2015 Nextmedia DigiAwards.

IR Champ 3
IR Champ 4

Tanker Investments Ltd.

The Situation

Tanker Investments Ltd., formed in 2014, is a subsidiary of Teekay Corporation. The parent company wanted to ensure this new sub-brand had a fresh and revitalized look while still feeling cohesive with the Teekay brand.
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The Solution

Tanker’s new branding colours subtly connect them to Teekay while still maintaining their own personality. The company supplied us with lots of imagery of their impressive fleet that we transformed into an embedded Flickr gallery.

Tanker Investments Website Promo on Macbook Air


Use of full screen imagery to highlight their product.

Subtle animations to draw investors into the Tanker story.

Easily downloadable fleet and specifications list.

Focus on investors with a targeted content strategy.

Tanker Investments Website Promo on iPad Air
Tanker Investments Website Promo Standard Desktop
Tanker Investments Website Promo on iMac
Tanker Investments Website Promo on iPhone 6 black and white

Pacific Infrastructure

The Situation

Pacific Infrastructure specializes in the development of port, transportation, and storage assets in South America. They wanted to display their strengths and showcase the prime location of their 100% company-owned port in a visual way. They also needed to show areas of planned expansion within the country of Colombia.

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The Solution

The interconnectivity of the company’s assets was the most important element to showcase. With that in mind, we created an interactive map detailing their infrastructure environment. The map ensures that potential investors can visually explore the strengths of the company rather than simply reading about them.

Pacific Infrastructure 1


Creation of an intuitive interactive map.

Analysis of sitemap and information architecture to improve user experience.

Addition of highly visual map icons to highlight the centralized location of Pacific Infrastructure’s port amongst others in the area.

Mobile and tablet friendly.

Pacific Infrastructure 2
Pacific Infrastructure 3
Pacific Infrastructure 4
Pacific Infrastructure 5

Transpac Group

The Situation

Transpac Group is a leader in the Pacific Northwest lumber industry. The company is wholly vertically integrated from planting and harvesting to marketing, manufacturing, shipping, and reforestation. The company wanted a website that highlighted their 30+ years of experience and emphasized their massive achievements as a company of relatively small size.

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The Solution

As an established company in business for over 30 years, Transpac needed a brand revitalization that matched their massive achievements. We began this process by analyzing their sitemap and thinking of ways to present their information in a cleaner and more intuitive way.

Transpac Group 1


Revised sitemap to make navigation clear and easy to use.

Revitalized the company’s brand with more modern design.

Improved content strategy to organize all important information and incorporate additional pages for key items missing from the previous site.

Streamlined their inbound lead process from the website with clear contact forms and a ‘reason for inquiry’ section.

Transpac Group 2
Transpac Group 3
Transpac Group 4
Transpac Group 5