Unleash the Power of ChatGPT: 6 Prompts for Effortless and Efficient Investor Content Generation

Most of the following article was written by ChatGPT, the buzzy new language model developed by OpenAI. Parts of its responses have been edited or cut down for cohesion, but it’s absolutely wild how effective this thing is. And, to this copywriter, a bit terrifying. Through this exercise, I’ve found that ChatGPT is best used with a steward who understands what makes effective content. For example, in generating headlines for this article, the ones it came up with weren’t very good, but when I input my ideas, it improved upon them immensely. So keep that in mind.

Anyway, onto the article:

For public companies, communicating with investors is a crucial aspect of building and maintaining their reputation. Keeping investors informed about a company’s performance and future plans can help build trust and confidence in the brand. With the rise of AI technology, companies now have access to powerful tools such as ChatGPT that can assist in streamlining their investor communication efforts. 

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a language model that uses deep learning algorithms to generate human-like text. By leveraging this technology, public companies can create engaging and informative investor communications that effectively convey their message. In this article, we will examine how public companies can use ChatGPT to enhance their marketing efforts to investors and drive growth.


How to use ChatGPT

To use ChatGPT, simply input a prompt or question and the model will generate a human-like response. The quality and accuracy of the response depend on the quality of the input, so it’s important to provide specific and focused prompts for the best results.

Good prompts for a public company using ChatGPT include:

  • Provide an overview of the company’s financial performance for the past quarter.
  • Explain the company’s strategy for expanding into new markets.
  • Discuss the company’s plans for developing new products and services.

A couple caveats

It’s important to note that ChatGPT, like any AI technology, is not perfect and has its limitations. The model can sometimes generate responses that are inaccurate or inappropriate, especially when provided with ambiguous or poorly defined prompts. 

Additionally, the model may struggle to understand complex or technical topics and may require additional training or customization to meet the specific needs of your business. 

Therefore, it’s important to exercise caution and carefully review the output generated by ChatGPT before using it for important tasks such as investor communication. [Author’s note: ChatGPT also currently doesn’t have internet access itself, or access to any information prior to 2021, so if you want to use it for up-to-date data, you’ll have to paste it into the tool. See how that works below.]

The following are a few prompts that your company can use to leverage ChatGPT’s incredible potential to more quickly generate content, get your message out there, and effectively discuss your investment thesis.


1. Summarize press releases

Example prompt: “Please summarize the following press release in one concise paragraph: [Insert press release text here]. The summary should highlight the main points and key information, such as new product launches, partnerships, financial results, etc.”

The results generated by ChatGPT in response to the prompt can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on the context and the intended audience. Some potential uses of the results include:

  • Quickly disseminating important information to stakeholders such as investors, employees, or customers.
  • Providing an executive summary or overview of a press release, report, or other documents for internal use or for distribution to the public.
  • Creating social media posts or other marketing materials that succinctly communicate key messages to a target audience.
  • Offering insights and analysis of data for informed decision-making.

By generating a concise and accurate summary of a press release or other document, ChatGPT can help save time and effort, and ensure that key information is communicated effectively.


2. Write email updates for your stakeholders

Example prompt: “Generate a 300-word email news update for our stakeholders, summarizing the key points from the following information: [Insert information here]. Please ensure that the email is written in a professional and informative tone and that all important details are included. Additionally, please include any other relevant updates or developments that you think would be of interest to our stakeholders.”

This ChatGPT prompt would be useful as it allows the user to provide specific information that the model can incorporate into a comprehensive and well-written email news update. By automating the summarization process and incorporating relevant details, this prompt saves time and effort and ensures that important information is communicated effectively to stakeholders.


3. Generate content for investor presentations

Example prompt: “Please summarize the following information into a concise and compelling narrative that can be included in an investor presentation: [Insert information here]. The summary should highlight key takeaways and provide a clear understanding of the information for the intended audience. The narrative should be written in a professional and persuasive tone, and should be structured in a way that clearly communicates the most important information.”

This ChatGPT prompt would be useful as it allows the user to easily transform complex information into a concise and compelling narrative for an investor presentation.


4. Write managements bios

Example prompt: “Generate a professional and informative management bio for [Name of individual], incorporating the following information: [Insert information here]. The bio should include key details, such as education, experience, and accomplishments, and should be written in a clear and concise manner. The tone of the bio should be appropriate for a wide range of audiences, including investors, customers, and employees.”

This ChatGPT prompt would be useful to public companies as it streamlines the process of creating comprehensive management bios, saving time and effort.


5. Write pages for your website

Example prompt: “Generate a comprehensive and informative description of our [Name of project] project, incorporating the following information: [Insert information here]. The description should provide a clear understanding of the project’s goals, progress, and potential impact, and should be written in a professional and engaging tone. The description should also be structured in a way that is easy to understand and appealing to a wide range of audiences, including investors, customers, and employees.”

This ChatGPT prompt could be used by a public company to easily create a detailed and engaging description of a specific project for use on their website or other marketing materials.


6. Write summaries on macro market conditions, company plans and more

Example prompt: “Generate a brief and insightful summary on the current state of the uranium market, including key trends and factors affecting the market, and explain how EXAMPLE COMPANY plans to capitalize on these trends. The summary should be written in a clear and concise manner and should highlight the unique opportunities and advantages that EXAMPLE COMPANY possesses in the market. The tone of the summary should be confident and persuasive, demonstrating EXAMPLE COMPANY’s expertise and commitment to success in the uranium market.”

[Author’s note: The above prompt could be switched to write about ANY market, and ANY company, with the right information.]

A next-generation tool that’s easy to use

ChatGPT is a valuable asset for public companies in the marketing space. With its ability to quickly generate high-quality content, from summaries to detailed project descriptions, it streamlines the process of creating materials that are tailored to the needs of the company and its stakeholders. Whether used for creating investor presentations or website content, ChatGPT offers a fast and effective solution for automating content creation, saving time and effort while ensuring that key information is communicated clearly and effectively.

3 ChatGPT Alternatives for IROs to Output Tons More Content for Investors

AI has been dominating headlines and is quickly building a reputation as the next big sea change for a wide variety of industries. Chief among these is content creation.

We’ve already written about how ChatGPT can help you easily generate content for your public company. But other options are quickly gaining traction. 

Microsoft recently launched the latest version of Bing, with native ChatGPT implementation, though there’s currently a waitlist. Another large language model in development is Google’s Bard, which the company is reportedly scrambling to finish as ChatGPT dominates the news cycle.

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Each of these are powerful tools, but these massive players aren’t the only kids on the block. At the time of writing, ChatGPT has a few disadvantages:

  • It lacks access to the internet
  • It only has information up to 2022
  • It’s often flooded with users, limiting your access
  • It gets (sometimes even basic) things wrong

It’s also maybe not even the best tool for native content creation. With that in mind, here are three ChatGPT alternatives to help busy IROs and public company marketers put out well-researched, valuable content for their investor base.



Useful for:

  • Research, and research-based investor content
  • Tracking down further sources for content you’ve already written
  • Keep tabs on peer companies with minimal effort
  • Quick bullet points to support a thesis you’ve already put together (“Why should I invest in X company?”)

Perplexity.ai bills itself as a “conversational search engine,” using similar technology to ChatGPT, but with two important differences:

  • Perplexity has access to the full internet
  • Perplexity cites sources, which you can check yourself

The nice thing is that you can follow the sources. So if you’re looking for information for use in a piece you’re working on (say: “gold outlook for 2023”) you can see key points, then click through the information it provides for further context. This also makes it useful for tracking the movements of peer companies.


Jasper AI

Useful for:

  • Creating content of all kinds to keep investors engaged
  • Generating ideas for content investors would be interested in about your company
  • Improving, streamlining, and speeding up writing, for both marketing/outreach content and news releases

Jasper AI is an AI tool specifically designed to produce content for businesses. A few key features:

  • Jasper is equipped with a wide variety of task-specific prompts and tools whether you’re writing an email, blog, company bio, tagline, or really anything else you can think of
  • Jasper has access to the internet
  • Jasper can produce specifically SEO-friendly content with quite accurate information

Jasper is built (and advertised) as a “virtual writing assistant,” providing a whole suite of services for anyone who needs to create content. It’s easy to see the utility in this for busy IROs or anyone running an investor marketing campaign.

The tool seems to be a strong choice for IR professionals looking to expand their content and thought leadership output but don’t have a lot of time.

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Useful for:

  • Generating SEO-friendly content to keep you top-of-mind with investors
  • AI-generated images for use in presentations, website content, and headersCreating ad copy for use in investor marketing campaigns

Last we have Writesonic, which at first glance looks perhaps the most like ChatGPT but with a few essential, useful deviations:

  • Like Jasper, it has a wide variety of templates, including landing pages, calls to action, headlines, SEO blog posts, ads for Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and general articles
  • It can generate AI images, which can be useful in all sorts of applications

In a lot of ways, Writesonic seems like a cheaper version of Jasper, though we haven’t had a chance to compare them head-to-head. Writesonic clocks in at $12/month, though it also has a free trial.

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This is just the beginning

It’s the early days for artificial intelligence. As these new technologies balloon across virtually every industry, there’s a lot more that AI can do besides content creation. We are already seeing programs that can help public companies connect with institutional investors and of course numerous AI tools for investors themselves.

This tech will only get more advanced over time, which makes it especially important to keep up with the latest developments to stay ahead of your competition.