Be a bard for a burrito: Chipotle fans get poetic

Hmm. Two food-related blog posts in a row…can you tell we’re writing these close to lunch?

Chipotle launched a 24 hour social media campaign last Friday aimed at getting people talking about their love for the food chain’s menu. Burrito lovers everywhere got to brush off their 9th grade creative writing smarts and compose a Haiku about the company in an attempt to win a free dinner for two (at Chipotle, of course).


This promotion highlights a great way to incorporate social media into marketing tactics. The food chain got people tweeting and posting on Facebook about their love for their brand, but asked them to do so in a fun and creative way.

They posted some official rules Friday morning on their blog:

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 3.03.40 PM
















A bunch of rules come after this…they’re pretty serious about it. The blog says, “For Facebook entries: posting a haiku to the wall on Chipotle’s official Facebook page during the promotion period [10 AM ET on Thursday, February 5 until 11:59 PM] For Twitter entries: posting a tweet to @chipotletweets during the promotion period”.

USA Today writes “Chipotle Communications Director Chris Arnold said they’ve done similar promotions in the past. Why haikus? ‘It’s a good way to engage with customers and ask them to share their thoughts, but also to put some parameters around that to provide structure to what they submit'”.

USA Today also makes the connection that this promotion came at a very interesting time after “the company shares plummeted more than 5% on Feb. 3 after the chain reported fourth-quarter 2014 earnings were hit slightly by higher food costs”.

Which bards will be named burrito-worthy? Here’s some of our favourites:





Be a Facebook Expert: Insights to Instagram Video & Facebook Updates

1. Facebook adds video to Instagram

Mobile video is exploding! Twitter’s Vine has been a popular hit but we’re not sure if it’s going to withstand Instagram now. Instagram got to the social media world before Vine so it’s fair to say it has a bigger and stronger fan base. Question is, if you already have Instagram on your phone and now that it has a video functionality, would you still download Vine? Check out TechCrunch’s detailed comparison of the two apps and here’s my quick summary of the pros and cons:


+’s for using Instagram Video

  • Up to 15 seconds
  • You can personalize Instagram’s 15 second videos with filters and frames
  • You can share videos on multiple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Email & Foursquare)
  • Image stabilization
  • Has photo map
+’s for using Vine

  • Short and punchy in 6 seconds
  • Videos are embeddable via desktop
  • Vine videos can loop, while Instagram videos only play once
  • You can share videos on Facebook & Twitter
  • Users will have the ability to create drafts soon


2. Facebook revamps its analytics dashboard

Facebook’s analytics dashboard, Insights, has a fresh look – clean and simplified. The “People Talking About This” is now broken down into smaller charts, which allows us to measure the reach and engagement of each individual post. What does that mean? Each post will have its own chart of stats (likes, comments, clicks and shares), and you can also break down your analytics to your specific target (women ages from 18-24 or men over 35). It’ll be easier for marketers to judge which type of content is more popular with which crowd. (See Mashable’s print-screens for visual examples)

3. Facebook reply comments with photos

Forget about typing a comment to reply, post a photo if you can! Comments just got that much more expressive. According to, we can reply status updates with images and mobile users will be able to view it too, but we can’t post photo comments via mobile just yet. So never mind about finding the right words for replies, find the right pictures or better yet, memes ;)!

Just in case you missed the news, Facebook introduced #hashtags last week and emoticons to its status updates a while ago. Facebook is bringing in a lot of new updates to remain the biggest social network. Despite the fact that they’re still the biggest with 1.1 billion citizens, competition is stiff as other networks are growing rapidly. Are you a Facebook loyalist? How do you like its new updates? Or are you more interested in growing with other channels like Google+? Let me know! @BlenderMedia