The Company

Amerigo Resources, a forward-thinking company that produces sustainable copper materials from waste, approached BLENDER with a need for a bold, distinct design to convey its unique approach in a crowded market.

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What the Amerigo team had to say…

Carbon Testiminal

The Situation

Amerigo has been a client of BLENDER’s since nearly the beginning. But their old BLENDER-designed website was beginning to show its age, and the company was eager to move in a bold new design direction. They entrusted our team to build a creative new platform from the ground up.

The Solution

The BLENDER team took Amerigo’s design identity into new territory, with a new colour scheme, an array of interactive elements to keep the attention of curious investors and an innovative, up-to-the-minute design that truly stands out from the competition.

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Gauges to visually convey dividend yields, production numbers, and other key metrics

A unique design that still remained user-friendly

Animated elements and dashboards to center what’s important

A dark colour scheme with a truly one-of-a-kind layout that is still easy to navigate

An abundance of interactive elements that spur investor engagement

Easy access to essential metrics, investor presentations, and factsheet

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