The Company

Carbon Neutral Royalty, a company that aims to accelerate climate action by financing decarbonisation projects, approached BLENDER to overhaul their site in early 2023. The company operates with a diverse portfolio of carbon credit streams and royalties, allowing companies to achieve their climate and sustainability goals.

We are proud of the finished product, and thrilled to be working with a company active in the fight against climate change.

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What the Carbon Neutral team had to say…

Carbon Testiminal

The Situation

Before approaching BLENDER, Carbon Neutral’s site was clunky and outdated, and lacked clarity, making it difficult to effectively showcase its content and initiatives. Carbon Neutral is a multifaceted company, and so needed a site that could convey its investment thesis without overwhelming investors, maintaining its professionalism and forward-thinking approach to climate change throughout.

The Solution

BLENDER tailored Carbon Neutral’s site to the company’s specific needs, deploying a variety of different modules throughout to maintain an easy-to-navigate content hierarchy. Meanwhile, interactive elements brought the site to life alongside hand-picked imagery that builds trust in the company while keeping a focus on the natural world.



Better readability and clarity of structure and navigation

A portfolio page that spotlights the company’s achievements and showcases its advancements in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Improved diagrams, impact tickers, and a real-time social media feed

Handpicked images and videos framed in a way that convey professionalism and humanity in equal measure

A compelling homepage that puts the company’s abundant successes front-and-center

Easily readable content structure that showcases a wealth of information while still being easy to read and understand

A custom map that displays the company’s far-flung successes all over the world

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