The Company

Century Lithium, a successful lithium exploration company advancing a flagship project in Nevada, came to BLENDER to overhaul its old, outdated website with an eye toward increasing investor engagement.

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What the Century Lithium team had to say…


The Situation

As Century Lithium underwent a name change from Cypress Development, the team realized its old web platform was dark, clunky, and unintuitive to navigate. The team needed a new approach, and needed to include a lot more information and data to keep curious visitors engaged.

The Solution

Using popular sites like Apple site as a design inspiration, the BLENDER team created a clean, uncluttered design architecture for Century Lithium’s rebrand, using abundant icons, cool blues and greens, and a strikingly easy-to-use site map to ease navigation. 

The end result is a best-in-class example of IR web best practices, containing absolutely everything an investor would need to know in a tight, attractive package.

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Long-scrolling homepage, investor page, and projects page enhance investor engagement while offering a wealth of information

Interactive project timeline displays past accomplishments and upcoming milestones

Animated metrics highlight the data the company wants investors to know

Email sign-up features prominently throughout the site, giving the company ample opportunity to follow up

Homepage is a perfect example of IR best practices, guiding investors from the company’s flagship project to ESG, news releases, and beyond

Striking rebrand and design scheme is striking while remaining simple to navigate and understand

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