How We Helped Coeur Mining Engage Investors, Tell Their Story & Define Their Vision Through Their Website

The Situation

When Coeur came to Blender media, they had a sure challenge ahead of them. Coeur had recently undergone a re-branding effort and needed their new website to tell their story, company purpose and newly defined vision. The website they came to us with was outdated and not mobile friendly; information was difficult to find with multiple layers of navigation and design was inconsistent across varying pages on the website.

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The Solution

With any public company, finding information online, primarily through the company’s owned website, is integral to attracting investors. If potential investors are challenged in navigating through a website, they are much more likely to leave such a website and go elsewhere. Partnering with the Blender Media team, Coeur Mining set out on a strategic roadmap to build a new website with a quick turnaround.

coeur mining
coeur mining
“Prior to our website overhaul, our website was outdated, static, and was not user-friendly. Our old website was overloaded with redundant webpages, and was difficult to navigate. Our new website is essentially the polar opposite of our old site. We love the fact that our new website will change and adapt with us as we grow and develop over the years. We chose Blender because they created a comfortable atmosphere from the beginning.

Kirstie Bakke
Corporate Communications Specialist, Coeur Mining


Bringing the website up to speed with the new Coeur re-brand
Coeur had recently completed a re-brand effort, along with a newly defined vision and specific purpose as a business. Coeur needed to bring this new story and vision to life through their website.

Making information easy to access for investors
Providing information for investors in a quick, concise manner is integral to the success of a public company. We collaborated with Coeur to build a clear and easy-to-read Investors section of the site, which included an overview of key information, events, presentations, share and stock information, analyst coverage and filings. One click and potential investors now have all of the information they need at their fingertips.

Creating a flawless experience for the Coeur team
When building a website, it’s important that the project goes smoothly and with efficiency in mind. As a Blender Media team, we set out to ensure this goal was achieved. From start to finish, we delivered a new website for Coeur in just three months, on-time and under budget.

coeur mining