The Company

Longstanding BLENDER client and sustainable electrical grid company Eguana Technologies needed to rework their site to accommodate a new tier of product offerings. We took their updated needs and delivered an attractive, straightforward, and immediately readable platform that covers the entire scope of what the company is about.

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What the Eguana team had to say…


The Situation

Eguana’s old site didn’t have space for its new product offerings and lacked a few elements that made it difficult to understand its investment thesis.

The Solution

BLENDER rebuilt the site, swapping out the banner image, adding a ”how it works” video on the homepage, implementing a full product overview page, and a carousel for the products section. We also added eye-catching elements like count-up numbers and a global CTA to keep investors engaged.

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The Eguana team wanted to stand out in a crowded field:

Carousel that covers the company-wide array of product offerings

Homepage video that quickly conveys how Eguana’s tech works

Product overview page that gives a detailed look at key initiatives

Easy-to-use navigation that keeps investors clicking

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