Highlighting an early market leader

The Situation

Eguana Technologies main goal for a new website was to prove their position in the industry as early market leaders. With a product that can’t be summed up in one sentence, however, the trick was to inform investors of the full product story without losing their attention.

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The Solution

We immediately went to work figuring out the best ways to visually communicate Eguana’s product in a way that resonated with investors. With an intuitive investors ‘hub’, a company milestone graphic, and a product story on every page, the finished website is as ahead of its time as the company it represents.

Eguana Portfolio 1


A clean and modern design emphasized Eguana Tech’s focus on being early market leaders.

We created an intuitive ‘Investor Hub’ page that highlighted all the company’s crucial information for potential

Full-page photography illustrates a complex product story.

Company milestones timeline graphic in the About section to show how Eguana Tech is ahead of the curve.

Eguana Portfolio 2
Eguana Portfolio 3
Eguana Portfolio 4
Eguana Portfolio 5