The Company

Omni Quality Living approached BLENDER with a need for a site that felt “like home” for prospective residents—modern, approachable, and easily readable.

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What the Omni team had to say…


The Situation

Omni Quality Living came to BLENDER with a need for a site that attracted residents to its retirement care communities, with a wealth of information to share that needed to be easily accessible and readable.

The Solution

The end result is a beautiful B2C site that allows potential residents to search for locations and access all the information they may need to know.

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Accordion modules and visual icons make the large quantity of content easy to access and read

News release & blog filter allow users to pinpoint exactly what they need

Two-language site using WordPress as a foundation

B2C site design tailored specifically for prospective residents

“Find a Residence” page allows prospects to search through available locations

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