Visualizing strengths

The Situation

Pacific Infrastructure specializes in the development of port, transportation, and storage assets in South America. They wanted to display their strengths and showcase the prime location of their 100% company-owned port in a visual way. They also needed to show areas of planned expansion within the country of Colombia.

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The Solution

The interconnectivity of the company’s assets was the most important element to showcase. With that in mind, we created an interactive map detailing their infrastructure environment. The map ensures that potential investors can visually explore the strengths of the company rather than simply reading about them.

Pacific Infrastructure 1


Creation of an intuitive interactive map.

Analysis of sitemap and information architecture to improve user experience.

Addition of highly visual map icons to highlight the centralized location of Pacific Infrastructure’s port amongst others in the area.

Mobile and tablet friendly.

Pacific Infrastructure 2
Pacific Infrastructure 3
Pacific Infrastructure 4
Pacific Infrastructure 5