Showcasing a global presence

The Situation

Palisade Global is an offshore merchant banking group with a specialization in high growth, small cap investments. They came to us at Blender for a fresh website redesign that would align with their brand messaging and highlight the importance of communicating that Palisade truly is a global presence.

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The Solution

We were excited that Palisade Global was very ambitious with the types of animation and interaction they wanted to incorporate. With the site redesign, we included subtle animations and interactivity throughout each page to help further engage investors. We used counting numbers, animating icons, and a sophisticated parallax scroll on the homepage. We also built a unique ‘Our Process’ timed animation video that covers the key points of Palisade’s mission.

Palisade Global #1


Implementation of a unique secondary navigation function.

100% custom made website.

Animation and interactivity incorporated on every page.

Unique ‘Our Process’ scrolling animation video.

Palisade Global #2
Palisade Global #3
Palisade Global #4
Palisade Global #5