The Company

Tirica Lithium Corp. came to BLENDER with a need for a site with distinctive branding, bright colours, and a contemporary feel to hammer home their forward-thinking approach in Paraguay.

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What the Tirica Lithium team had to say…


The Situation

Tirica is a forward-thinking company uncovering a brand-new lithium district in Paraguay, but the company’s old site felt dated and clunky. Its branding lacked distinction, and it wasn’t entirely investor-friendly.

The Solution

The BLENDER team presented Tirica with a bold new logo and branding guidelines, placing them as the cornerstone of a site that brought attention to the company’s innovative approach.

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Clear and user-friendly interface

Full overhaul of branding

Spotlight on an emerging lithium district in Paraguay

Prominent newsletter sign-ups

Scalable design and contemporary look and feel

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