The Company

Uranium Energy Corp., a longtime client of BLENDER, approached our company in need of a design for its Fiscal 2023 Sustainability Report, both for its own investors, and to share with the International Sustainability Standards board for review.

BLENDER turned a text-dense 70-page content document into a striking, engaging 100-page report, complete with infographics, eye-catching imagery, tables, and layouts, and up-to-the-minute best practices in design.

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What the UEC Sustainability team had to say…


The Situation

Uranium Energy Corp. had written a long-form sustainability report for its fiscal 2023, but it needed a design to pull the content into a readable, attractive package.

The Solution

BLENDER quickly designed the report, including a variety of elements that keep readers engaged, like infographics, tables, imagery, and a general layout that’s easy on the eyes.

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The UEC Sustainability team wanted to stand out in a crowded field:

Infographics display key information in an easily readable way

Design, layout, and formatting make the data easy to digest

Imagery helps tell the company’s story alongside the content

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