Blender takes on New York and the IR awards

Last week was a whirlwind! The New York IR awards were a huge success. We had a great time seeing everyone in the investor relations community, as well as presenting the award for Best Use of Social Media. Read on to see highlights of the night, as well as the wrap up of our social media IR champ showdown.

Guess who’s back…back again…

The IR Magazine-US awards (not to be confused with the Canada awards that we attended last month) celebrated 20 years last Thursday, March 26. We flew to New York to celebrate with the investor relations community and to take part in the biggest gathering of IR professionals.We were very excited to be in New York (note the appropriate hashtag on our first night’s dessert) and appropriately played the tourist with a visit to the NYSE.


So what happened the night of?


Eventually it was time to get dapper and down to business. We loved seeing old friends and colleagues as well as meeting new faces. And the night was a huge success! We want to say a huge congratulations to not only the winners but all the nominees, it really was a special night. Being totally unbiased, our favorite part of the evening (see, we’re spelling favorite without a ‘u’ to stay on theme with the American week we had) was the social media award. We were happy to give out the award as well as a custom #IRchamp championship wrestling belt to T-Mobile USA, and to Nils Paellmann, the head of their IR department.

The belt in all its glory


The rest of the night was full of other great awards. Congrats to Grand prix winners Wright Medical Group, Ryder System, and Covidien who won for best overall investor relations for small, mid, and large caps respectively. A special moment of the night was the lifetime achievement award that went to JoAnna Morris of General Electric, who has headed their IR team for all 20 years that the IRawards have been around. Congrats JoAnna!


Another great moment was when IR Magazine awarded their president, Ian Richman, with a trophy for ‘Most Loved President.’



Meanwhile, we wish we could give our Blender president an award for ‘best selfie of the evening’:



We hope everyone who attended had a great evening. Until 2016!

We’ll just leave you with one more opportunity to get Final Countdown stuck in your head…



Marika Hirsch
Marika Hirsch

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