Coeur Mining

The Situation

When Coeur came to Blender media, they had a sure challenge ahead of them. Coeur had recently undergone a re-branding effort and needed their new website to tell their story, company purpose and newly defined vision. The website they came to us with was outdated and not mobile friendly; information was difficult to find with multiple layers of navigation and design was inconsistent across varying pages on the website.

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The Solution

With any public company, finding information online, primarily through the company’s owned website, is integral to attracting investors. If potential investors are challenged in navigating through a website, they are much more likely to leave such a website and go elsewhere. Partnering with the Blender Media team, Coeur Mining set out on a strategic roadmap to build a new website with a quick turnaround.

coeur mining
coeur mining


Bringing the website up to speed with the new Coeur re-brand
Coeur had recently completed a re-brand effort, along with a newly defined vision and specific purpose as a business. Coeur needed to bring this new story and vision to life through their website.

Making information easy to access for investors
Providing information for investors in a quick, concise manner is integral to the success of a public company. We collaborated with Coeur to build a clear and easy-to-read Investors section of the site, which included an overview of key information, events, presentations, share and stock information, analyst coverage and filings. One click and potential investors now have all of the information they need at their fingertips.

Creating a flawless experience for the Coeur team
When building a website, it’s important that the project goes smoothly and with efficiency in mind. As a Blender Media team, we set out to ensure this goal was achieved. From start to finish, we delivered a new website for Coeur in just three months, on-time and under budget.

coeur mining


The Situation

NOVAGOLD was eager to highlight the unique aspects of their mining projects Donlin Gold and Galore Creek. They also wanted to place a strong focus on their commitment to communities in the area and display how their efforts go above and beyond just the mandatory corporate responsibility.

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The Solution

NOVAGOLD’s story is truly unique, and we were faced with the exciting challenge of crafting a web experience that not only displayed their prestige as a company, but also the fresh aspects that set them apart. We knew the homepage had to be unlike any in its sector, and that the CSR page needed to have that little something extra to really make it resonate.

Nova Gold 1
Nova Gold 2
The CSSDA is an international web design and development awards platform that honors and showcases freelance designers, studios and agencies for work that pushes the boundaries of creativity, functionality and usability. We’re honoured to accept the CSSDA Special Kudos award for the NOVAGOLD website redesign!


Homepage design that reflects their stature as a prominent company in their sector.

Creation of an overarching ‘We Care’ section to emphasize their commitment to communities.

Properties section that highlights their assets with an interactive map to illustrate each project’s specific location.

Custom designed Gold & Mining section to educate investors about the industry.

Nova Gold 3

In Their Own Words

NOVAGOLD’s story is unique and as one of the Company’s primary communication channels, we sought to develop a website that left a lasting first impression. Blender’s expertise in design, IR best practices, and innovative solutions gave us confidence that they could develop a website that set us apart while capturing NOVAGOLD’s brand, focus, and core values. We were not disappointed.

Providing fresh energy and drive, their team fully dedicated themselves to our project ensuring that they met all of our needs and expectations. It was a true collaboration that resulted in a website that we are proud of. After only two months, direct website traffic increased substantially with improved levels of engagement on the new site by the length of time spent and number of pages visited per user.

Erin O’Toole
Analyst, Investor Relations

Nova Gold 4

Silver Standard

The Situation

When Silver Standard came to us for a website redesign, they had recently become a multi-mine producer with the acquisition of a large Nevada gold mine. With freshly pumping veins running through multiple continents, the company needed a brand refresh and a website that reflected their growth and stature.

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The Solution

For this project, it was important for us to showcase every aspect of the company to the highest possible standard. We focused on creating a site with an optimal user experience that appealed to both casual browsers and potential investors.

Silver Standard Portfolio 1
The Interactive Media Awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development. The competition, founded by a nonprofit organization, is designed to elevate the standards of excellence on the Internet. We’re proud to accept the award for Best in Class investor relations website for our work on the Silver Standard website redesign.


Custom design for each page of the website.

Addition of interactive elements across the site including a project map highlighting their assets.

Overall restructure of sitemap and information architecture to streamline navigation and improve user experience.

Revision of investor and corporate responsibility sections with clear categories.

Silver Standard Portfolio 2
Silver Standard Portfolio Video
Silver Standard Portfolio 3
Silver Standard Portfolio 4


The Situation

B2Gold is a Vancouver based gold producer with a strong portfolio of development and exploration assets. Their old website was not mobile or tablet friendly and was tough to navigate. The overwhelming breadth of information caused key items to be buried deep within the site.

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The Solution

We collaborated with them to revise the sitemap and information architecture, and created a fully custom website that portrayed the strength of their assets. We also built an interactive and detailed projects map unlike any other within their industry. The map accomplished one of their key goals for this project: to display the global presence of their projects in a highly visual way.

B2Gold Portfolio 1


Custom design, animation and interactivity for key pages of the website including the corporate responsibility section and investor highlights.

Revised sitemap and information architecture.

Industry and competitive research as well as a Google Analytics review to determine what information would stay and what would be eliminated.

Highly interactive projects map to display their international assets.

B2Gold Portfolio 2
B2Gold Portfolio 3

A project map experience

B2Gold’s presence spans across four continents, so creating a global map was a great way to break down each project into easily digestible moments. The map visually highlights the company’s mining sites according to stage: producing, developing, and exploration, with key information about each project. We could talk about the project map all day, but we really think the map shines brightest when you’re seeing it for yourself.

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B2Gold Portfolio 4
B2Gold Portfolio 5

Detailing the good deeds

B2Gold’s corporate responsibility page is broken down into multiple sections that review their commitment to various initiatives including community investment, educational programs, and environmental sustainability. The sticky sub-navigation makes it easy for users to jump to the section they’re most interested in learning about. We also included full screen images and anecdotes to further connect a user to B2 Gold’s community mission and showcase the company in action.

B2Gold Portfolio 6
B2Gold Portfolio 7

It’s all custom, baby!

We were really excited to build a fully custom website for B2Gold. An average website has two or three unique page designs, but with B2Gold we worked to customize almost every page. The unique designs for each page worked to give the entire website a modern and high-quality feel. We also incorporated lots of interactivity and animation to help users engage with the site’s key components.