5 Essential Tips to Corporate Blogging

Blogs have become an essential asset to a public company. The blogging platform allows public companies to inform their target audience such as investors and the community of their corporate activities. Blog posts also enhance website visitor’s experience by providing deeper content and a variation of engaging resources. Here are 5 tips that will introduce you to corporate blogging and how you can incorporate blogs into your digital strategy.

Give your Blog a Theme

Especially with public companies, theme and guideline are definite musts. With a focused theme, your team will have a clear goal and generating content will be easier. Guidelines will help decide what content is appropriate to disclose and whatnot. Just like any product, they’d need to meet the branding guidelines; your blog is no different.

Add Educational Value+

The quality of the content always triumphs quantity. Write content that helps your readers understand your company. People wouldn’t be bothered to read your blog posts if they’re not learning anything from it. One of the best ways to make your blog posts worthwhile to read and to share is to add educational value. If it’s useful, they will continue reading the posts, click around some more and stick around your website longer.

Voice your Company, Be Human

Yes, a corporate blog is still after all, “corporate”, but it isn’t a press release. Save the formal and official things elsewhere and humanize your brand on your corporate blog. Get different members on the team to write a few blog posts so your experts can offer exclusive insights. Or better yet, interview them so investors and the broader audience can get to know them through a Q&A. It’d be a great way for your audience to learn about your management team!

Make it “Shareable”

One of the main objectives is to reach out to your target audience with your educational content. Though it’s important not to forget that, in order to make it successful, you’ve got to have two-way communications. So, if the blogs can get social and have share buttons, your posts will be more reachable and discoverable.

Track Absolutely Everything

Whatever that you’re doing, if you can’t track it, it’s not successful. Tracking is a strategic move because it’ll tell you which blog post is doing well, which has the most clicks and which is keeping your audience on the website. You need to know all this to constantly improve and make your blogs relevant to them.

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