Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to launch a new website?
  1. BLENDER prides itself on moving quickly. If you select one of our templated Piknic options and your company is ready to go with the site content, we can get it launched in as little as four weeks.
  2. Fully custom websites come with a more flexible timeline, but usually launch after around three to four months.
  3. Placeholder sites, meanwhile, can be launched in less than five business days, ensuring no downtime for your transitionary period.
How do you optimize my website for search engines and for use on mobile screens?
  1. All websites we build are fully responsive to all screen sizes and browsers, meaning the design will look impressive and legible no matter what you're viewing on. It's a key part of our quality assurance process.
  2. Our SEO (search engine optimization) checklist covers all the essentials, including:
    1. Using an SEO-friendly URL structure
    2. Adding alt tags to images
    3. Submitting the sitemap XML file to Google Search Console, and submitting the site for indexing before going live
    4. Adding the Google Analytics tracking code in the header of the page, and setting up your Google Analytics account
    5. Adding an SSL certificate
  3. Do note that beyond these essentials, we do not offer additional SEO services.
Can BLENDER help me manage my existing website?
  1. Yes, BLENDER can migrate your existing site to our servers, and support with hosting and ongoing maintenance of the site along with any updates you might have moving forward. This is a great option if you like the design of your current site, but are looking for more support from a team who understands the digital needs of a public company.
  2. Sites can be migrated to our proprietary BLENDER CMS or to Wordpress.
How does BLENDER ensure that my website stays secure?
  1. BLENDER strives to provide industry-leading cybersecurity to our clients, which is why we have partnered with Cloudflare to provide enterprise-level services, including Unmetered, a utility for always-on DDoS protection for web assets (HTTP/HTTPS), powered by intelligence harnessed from Cloudflare's constantly evolving global network. By bundling this service, we are able to pass the savings onto our clients.
  2. This cybersecurity plan is implemented into every BLENDER hosting package, and includes:
    1. Enterprise-level DDoS mitigation
    2. Priority IP routing on our CDN
    3. Managed DNS
    4. An advanced web application firewall that protects against SQL injections, cross-site scripting attacks, zero-day attacks, and more
What support and maintenance does BLENDER provide after my website goes live?
  1. Clients choose from one of our three monthly service plans, each tailored to give companies the precise level of support they need.
  2. In addition, the BLENDER Media Updates team is available Monday to Friday, 7am EST to 8pm EST. We pride ourselves on handling all incoming requests within an hour.
Which content management system (CMS) does BLENDER use and can I access it myself?
  1. BLENDER has a proprietary CMS designed to be user-friendly for busy IROs, CEOs, and marketing teams who need to keep their website up-to-date and compliant without the hassle of learning complicated technology.
  2. Best of all, BLENDER's Updates team provides CMS training to new clients free of charge when their site launches.
  3. BLENDER also works in other CMSs, such as Wordpress, upon request—reach out if you have further questions.

Investor Marketing

How long does it usually take to execute an investor marketing campaign?
  1. The duration of an investor marketing campaign can vary widely depending on various factors, including the complexity of the campaign, the target audience, the channels used, and the campaign's goals. However, it typically takes around two to three weeks to prepare the campaign initially.
  2. Once the campaign is launched, it runs for a month minimum, with no maximum limit. We run most investor marketing campaigns for three months or more.
How do you measure the success of an investor marketing campaign?
  1. Measuring the success of your investor marketing campaign involves assessing various key performance indicators to determine how well the campaign is achieving its goals, and whether it is delivering a positive return on your investment. If we determine your campaign is underperforming, we adjust, test, and re-test, tweaking until we find the correct strategy.
  2. Here are several metrics we track to calculate a campaign's success:

    Website Engagement:

    • Website Traffic: Monitor the increase in website traffic, especially to relevant investor relations pages.
    • Time Spent on Site: Analyze how much time visitors spend on your site, indicating engagement levels.
    • Page Views: Track the number of views on specific investor-related pages or content.

    Email Marketing Engagement:

    • Opens and Clicks: Monitor the open and click-through rates of your investor-focused emails to ensure the content is capturing the attention and interest of your target investors.
    • Lead Workflow Conclusion Strategy: Upon completing a lead workflow, we track engaged leads and promptly share a segmented list with our clients. This strategic process enables focused efforts on cultivating connections with highly interested prospects.

    Lead Generation:

    • Number of Leads: Measure the quantity and quality of leads generated through the campaign.
    • Conversion Rates: Analyze the conversion rates at different stages of the investor funnel, from initial interest to becoming a qualified lead.
What do I need to get started with an investor marketing campaign for my company?
  1. Nothing! Simply book a meeting with our team—they'll discuss your goals, how our campaigns work, and get you started if you decide to continue forward.
Can you create custom content such as infographics for investor marketing campaigns?
  1. Absolutely! The BLENDER team handles all marketing materials for your campaign, including custom images, ads, and infographics. Once the materials are ready, you'll have the opportunity to review and approve them.
How do you target investor marketing campaigns to specific audiences, such as investors or analysts?
  1. BLENDER meets investors and analysts in the places they utilize on the internet, leveraging its trusted investor platform,, with a dedicated list of over 50,000 investors and 2,000 accredited investors. We also tap into external lists from partners with readers who have actively opted-in to receive the exact type of content we build for your campaign, ensuring those who receive your messaging are already primed to engage.

Public Company Essentials

How long does it take for BLENDER to design a corporate presentation?
  1. Depending on the number of slides and scope of content, it usually takes one to two weeks for us to get your presentation ready. The design process is collaborative, and we invite clients to give their feedback multiple times before providing the finished product.
  2. Once the design is finished, we provide PDF and PowerPoint versions of the deck so that clients can make edits themselves if they need to update figures or edit text down the line
Can BLENDER do my company's logo and branding?
  1. Yes! BLENDER provides industry-leading brand development and logo design services—many of our clients opt for these services. Get in touch for a quote.