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Blender is an award-winning design agency and a leader of investor marketing in North America. We’ve worked with over 500 private and publicly traded companies on all major stock exchanges including NYSE, NASDAQ, and TSX.

We’re a full service digital agency.
All of our work is done in-house so our clients receive a high quality and cohesive product.

We’re digital problem solvers.
If we can’t find a solution, we’ll build one.

We’ve seen it all.
We’ve worked with both private and small to large cap public companies.

We’re compliance crafty.
We’re deeply intimate with regulatory demands and IR site best practices.

We see everything through the eyes of an investor.
We communicate your opportunity in a way that sticks.

We work around the clock.
We know the markets never sleep, so our team is always on-call.

Our Awards

Besides just being sparkly, awards keep us driven.


Arash Adnani

Arash Adnani is Blender’s president and co-founder with over 12 years experience working in digital IR. He was chosen as one of Business in Vancouver’s 2014 ‘Forty Under 40’ and is a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization.


Damian Doyle
Senior Web Developer

Damian is one of our development team leads and has been coding websites with Blender for over nine years. When he's not developing websites, he's developing a takedown plan for his next foosball victim. His mantra is 'no spinning'.


Drew Jeglum
Digital Designer

From websites to branding to animation, Drew pretty much does it all. When he's not plugged in and working away, he's climbing his way to the top of the foosball ladder. Watch out, Damian.


Dustin Roe
Web Developer

Dustin is a triple threat when it comes to website updates, resolving client issues, and developing new elements to add to client sites. He also wins the award for driest humor in the office.


Matt Reid
Customer Support Manager - Web Developer

Matt helps clients with all their post-launch website needs, whether it’s sending out news releases or tweaking site content. He also has the nicest phone voice ever. Seriously, call and see. You can thank us later.


Ryan Henderson
Senior Web Developer

Ryan has been called a website wizard on numerous occasions for the masterful way he bends code to his will. He's one of the leaders on our development team and has written approximately 10 million lines of code.


Simi Vazhappilly

Simi makes sure all our accounts are in shipshape and helps Blender clients with any questions they have. She wins the sweetest in the office award and makes us all super happy (it’s even in her last name).

  • Hope Recovery Project

    Blender is proud of our long-lasting partnership with the Union Gospel Mission (UGM). With the assistance of other organizations, Blender and UGM founded the ‘Hope Recovery Project’, a partnership between Vancouver’s mining sector and the Union Gospel Mission. This project helps provide lasting solutions to poverty, addiction, and homelessness throughout Metro Vancouver.

     Learn about UGM

    Blender and the Union Gospel Mission, together with others, founded the ‘Hope Recovery Project’, a plan to provide solutions to poverty, addiction, and homelessness in our area.

  • Blender’s Involvement

    We’ve met some truly amazing people at the Union Gospel Mission during our time helping them help those in need in the Downtown Eastside. Our team has travelled to UGM on numerous occasions to hand out care packages, coats, and blankets to people who need them.

     Learn about UGM

    Our team has travelled to UGM on numerous occasions to hand out care packages, coats, and blankets to people who need them.

  • Continued Website Support

    To really keep UGM’s mission alive, Blender developed a website hub for the Hope Recovery Project where interested parties can learn more and donate both their money and time to the cause. The Hope Recovery Project website also provides information on the severity of the poverty in Vancouver and solutions for those who wish to help. Visit the website and learn more here.

     View site

    To keep UGM’s mission alive, we created a website hub for the Hope Recovery Project where people can learn more and donate money and time to the cause.

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