7 reasons why companies hire website agencies

Introduction: Do I need to hire a website agency?

There are different routes you can take once you’ve decided that you want a new website or want to revitalize your old one. With companies like Wixx, Weebly, and WordPress (why all the ‘w’s? we wonder) offering you the build-it-yourself platform, it’s a valid point to wonder why companies hire website agencies. This week’s blog breaks down common reasons companies seek out an agency to help with their digital marketing needs. If you want more specific advice on what you need to be asking an agency once you talk to them, download The Complete Checklist for Hiring a Website Agency. 


7 reasons why companies hire website agencies

1. Agencies are often one-stop shops

Many companies, especially publicly traded ones, go into a website redesign project imagining that new colours and crisper images are the only thing holding them back from better website traffic and more email signups. What usually ends up being the case, however, is that upon researching further the company realizes that what they’re really looking for is help with their entire digital marketing strategy. Beyond just a website redesign, this can include content strategy, social media support, opportunities for mobile optimization, as well as looking at the latest digital trends. A reason why companies hire website agencies is because they feel comfortable knowing one group can take care of their digital presence.



7 reasons why companies hire digital agencies

2. Personalized support

While the DIY website builders have help lines and support pages, there’s thousands of people at once, from individuals to larger companies, who are learning how to use their service. Many companies choose to hire agencies for the personal touch of a client/vendor relationship. If we’re talking public companies, the space of website compliance and mandatory releases and filings can be tricky for anyone to understand. It’s helpful to know there are people standing by who do this for a living and are able to give personalized suggestions and assistance.



7 reasons why companies hire digital agencies

3. Continued website maintenance

This is especially true for publicly traded companies, who are mandated to keep the public updated on their activities, and who publish news releases and company information frequently. Purchasing a monthly support package from an agency ensures that your website stays updated with all the information you need. Also, with the digital world evolving at the speed of light, your website may not be up to standards in a year from now, or might not render well on a new device that comes on the market. Website agencies are on top of the latest updates and trends, so will make sure your website is at the highest possible standard.




7 reasons why companies hire digital agencies

4. Safety and security

DIY website builders like WordPress are open source, meaning that the code of their website is accessible to anyone who wants to look through it. The sheer multitude of people with open access to the WordPress process inevitably also makes it an easier platform to hack into. Companies with sensitive information who want to make security of files a top priority often look to website agencies for their website project. Website agency servers are more secure, especially if they have build their own content management system (CMS) to create and update content.



7 reasons why companies hire digital agencies5. Design originality

Another reason why companies hire website agencies is for the in-depth approach many agencies take to learn about their client and their goals with a new website project. The DIY website builders implement click and drag systems, and anyone can buy a design they like the best. Companies seek out website agencies when they have specific targets in mind, or want their website design to be 100% original to their story. Most agencies have some sort of ‘discovery meeting’ or learning session before they begin design to get to know their client’s style.



7 reasons why companies hire digital agencies

6. Expertise in the industry

We recommend that companies looking to hire a website agency should look for agencies with expertise within their sector. A company in the natural resources industry will have different website goals and a different content strategy than a retail company. Website agencies are often available for content strategy consultation, and can guide companies through the types of content their target market will want to see first.



7 reasons why companies hire digital agencies

7. Websites get stale

If we can get away with this one without the cheesy music starting to play: a website is a living thing. Once a site’s finished, it doesn’t just sit there, looking perfect, forever and ever. In a few years, after the iPhone 64 has been released, your website probably won’t look so hot if it hasn’t been updated with the latest design trends. A reason why companies hire website agencies is because they don’t have the time to be thinking about how their website looks, especially on all the different devices out there. Website agencies are on top of the trends and latest updates (it’s our job). They think about this part and let you know if something needs to change so you don’t have to worry.


Conclusion: Think twice before you drag-and-drop

We hope this gave you a brief overview of some of the main challenges our clients face when they come to us for a website redesign. Though DIY website builders are a lot cheaper to build, factors like safety, constant maintenance, and keeping the site fresh for years to come are why companies hire website agencies to do the job. Think about the most important goals for your company and decide from there.



11 questions to ask a website agency before hiring them


Does a fresh New Year equal a fresh new website redesign? If you’re looking to hire an agency to design and develop your website, you want to make sure you’re asking the right questions. What do their timelines look like? What do they specialize in? Have they gotten any awards and recognitions? Where are their case studies? We want you to be prepared when picking an agency to work with. Here are 11 important questions to ask a website agency.


1. Can you give me a break down of your process?

Do they like to start with a learn and discovery meeting where you make them aware of your goals, or do you provide input along the way? What will the project timeline look like? At what point will you (the company) need to be involved, and at what point does the agency take steps on their own?

Why this is key: If your timeline is short to begin with, or if you’re on a tight budget, be prepared with whatever the agency needs from you right when they ask for it. In our experience, timelines stall when we’re waiting a long time for site feedback, content, or approval from a client. Deeply understanding the agency’s process helps you align your own processes to theirs, leading to a better experience and smoother communication.


2. What does your team structure look like?

Are you dealing with a group of two or twenty? Who will be communicating with you on a day-to-day basis? Is there a project manager that oversees things, or will your company be dealing directly with the website designers and developers on the project? And who’s in charge?

Why this is key: A sign of an efficient agency is a good structure. Make sure you know who will be doing the most correspondence with your company. Try to also gauge the best you can how often they’ll get back to you, and how open they are to last minute emails and requests.


3. Do you specialize in any particular industry/subject matter, or are you experts in a certain space?

Where do they feel most at home? Do they love creating flashy websites for the best and brightest in tech, or are they Renaissance Men/Women who dip their toes in a bit of everything?

Why this is key: Each agency has their own style when it comes to websites, and often the layout, navigation, and key features vary based on what industry they prefer or work in the most. If they’re experts in designing websites for banks and love mobile banking apps, but your company sells refrigerators, it might not be the best fit. 


4. What core services do you offer?

Are they just website designers, or also website optimizers? Do I come up with my own strategy or can you tell me how the website is performing? What if I want a video?

Why this is key: Many agency websites boast pages and pages of services, but most almost always do one or two things the most, and best. Make sure you understand what exactly comes in the package deal if you sign on with them.


5. Is everything done in-house? Are there elements you outsource?

Is this agency a one-stop shop? Or do they employ some outside help when need be?

Why this is key: You should be aware at all times who will be working on your project. Many agencies have connections with other agencies and freelancers for certain services outside the normal scope of a project, and that’s fine. It’s just important to make sure the full project stays cohesive and you’re aware of the process.


6.What are some of the values your agency stands by?

What makes them tick? How did they get into website design? What are the three most important things that drive their work?

Why this is key: Whether through conference calls, by email, or out for coffee, you’ll most likely be dealing with these people a lot. It’s just good sense to get to know the people you’re working with. Understanding the agency’s core values or goals for the future will help you understand the direction they’ll take with your website.


7. Will my website be completely custom, or will you work off a pre-built theme?

How many unique pages will be designed? Is the site fully customized, partially customized, or are you fully working from a pre-existing theme?

Why this is key: Almost always, custom sites vs. sites working off a theme will be a large factor in the project budget. There are many websites out there masquerading as ‘fully custom’ when they’re actually not. Make sure you know what you’ll be paying for.


8. Have you received any recognition for your website design?

They may think their websites are the best on the internet, but has anyone else thought so? Are they proud enough of their work that they take the time to submit to different awards or design forums?

Why this is key:  Awards and accolades don’t only show that the agency knows their stuff, but also shows they are committed to pushing themselves and putting their work on the web for all to see. In our opinion, you want to hire an agency that stays hungry.


9. What are some case studies you can show me with similar websites to mine?

Have they come across a beast like yours before? What are concrete examples of ways they improved a company website? Can you see some before and afters?

Why this is key: Ask the agency to provide you with a few examples of clients they’ve worked with in the same vertical as you, how the process went, and, if they ran any digital marketing campaigns for them, what the results were like. **IMPORTANT**When looking through the agency’s portfolio, don’t forget to check for responsive design! Make sure their work looks great on a mobile phone and tablet. Even the most beautiful desktop site can be a mess on a smartphone. With the way the world’s moving (all mobile all the time), any agency worth it’s salt is a mobile-friendly one.


10. Do you stay with me after the website is launched?

After your new website is taken live, do they stick with you for monthly check-ins? Does it cost more to stay connected with them? Do they help you out post-launch or pull a design and dump?

Why this is key: Every agency has their own process, so make sure you know what the post-launch plan is. If the agency takes over everything about the redesign from setup to launch, how will you make any necessary updates or changes to the site? Do they transfer everything over to your company once the website is done? Also make sure you know what’s happening to the old website once your new one goes live for the masses.


11. Why should I choose you over any other website agency?

There are a thousand and a half digital and website design agencies out there. What makes this agency different?

Why this is key: Why should you choose this agency? It’s just like the ‘what sets you apart’ question at normal job interviews. Know their strengths, ask about their weaknesses, and know exactly what they plan to do to make your company shine.



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