3 Ways to Give Investors Virtual Hugs

Doesn’t matter what kind of company you are, private or public, there is always competition. One way to make your company memorable is actually fairly simple, just show that you care. Brands are starting to forget that – whether its investors or consumers – if you want them to invest in you, you have to invest in them first.

Here are some ways to show investors your caring side:

Show them what they’d like to see. Results are ultimately what investors are looking for because their decision to invest in you depends on it. They’d want to know what projects you’re currently working on and what you’ve previously achieved as well. To do so, you could have a page dedicated to projects and any case studies you’d like to showcase. What investors might also like to see would be your numbers and financial growth etc. It’s always important to organize these in a place that is easy to locate. It’ll make investors lives easier and they’ll thank you for it!

Humanize your brand. You can try adding inquiry forms on your website so that investors can fill them in and request for more information. Some public companies also call investors back to follow up, and ask if there is anything additional they could provide for them. Asking for feedback doesn’t only show you care, it also humanizes your company. Investors want to be dealing with real people, rather than just a name. It also helps investors feel more invested and attached to your company.

It’s all about the extras. It is a little time consuming to write them a customized tweet, to create an animation video etc., but it’s always the little things that count. If your video informs them on how your technologies work or what your mining site looks like, investors can visualize your company better. This makes you more memorable, and it’ll allow you to set your company apart from your competition. By going the extra mile, investors are less likely to feel skeptical and instead, your company will be more transparent too.


The Blender Team

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