4 easy ways to make your IR site stand out

You’ll catch us saying this a lot at Blender: Investor Relations is a form of communication, which means it’s a form of marketing. We say it all the time because we feel it’s a crucial point to understand in order to have success with your digital IR channels. All too often websites will have inventive layouts, stylistic designs, and engaging content until you get to the Investors page. Suddenly the layouts become template-driven and fresh content dries up.

We’re here to let you know it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few easy tips you can implement to give your IR site a little more edge.

1. Immediately show them their reasons to invest 

There’s no need to be coy. If users are browsing your Investors page, they’re curious. And that’s a good thing. If they have to wade through pages and pages to find the basics, that’s not. So reward their curiosity with upfront, easily-digestible reasons why they should be interested in you. Look at how Adidas does it:

adidas most recent

They list ‘Reasons to Invest’ first thing when a user clicks onto their Investors page. The company is straightforward about their value, and investors will appreciate that.


2. Spread the design love 

Most often when entering a company website, the flashy homepage is what draws the eye and the Investors section includes the dry numbers and the ‘business talk.’ Because of this ingrained idea, there’s often a steep drop-off in the commitment to design and the company brand between the homepage and the Investors page. It doesn’t have to be that way.  Just because an Investors page isn’t super flashy, doesn’t mean it has to be template-driven either. Coca-Cola is getting it right:


coca cola


The Coca-Cola Company’s homepage is shown on the left, with their Investors section on the right. The homepage is full of design innovation and eye-catching images. While there’s a bit less ‘sparkle’ when clicking onto the Investors section, Coca-Cola makes sure that the essence of their design ideas and the soul of their brand remains. The crucial statistics to see on the Investors page are enhanced by the commitment to design. Smaller sliding banners showcase the company’s long history within the marketplace, and black and white graphics help the numbers make sense. Scrolling down shows that their ‘Corporate Governance,’ ‘Leadership,’ and other sections are designed the same way as their homepage.


3. Think about data visualization 

Infographics are everywhere for a reason. They work. It’s important to think outside of the text box when it comes to the ways that necessary information is presented. See how GE includes eye-catching infographics to showcase how they’re ‘delivering to shareholders’.

GE infographic

This breakdown is also easily downloadable and helps potential investors process the information. Adding multimedia elements to an Investors page is another great way to break away from templates and display the necessary data in a more engaging way.


4. Your ‘company story’ should stretch to every page 

Making sure your business has a good ‘company story’ has been a big buzzword lately. Every company should have a clear mission for today, future goals, and a main message they’re trying to relay to their users-both casual browsers and potential investors. While many companies have secondary pages that allow users to dig further into their background, all these main goals and ‘rules we live by’ are lost once brought to the Investors page.

BP Global’s Investors page does a good job of incorporating their company story right in the forefront of their Investors section. Directly underneath the main ‘Investor’ title is a single sentence summing up what they stand for . Similarly, underneath the ‘quick links’ section, BP invites users to read their short ‘Investor Proposition.’ In a few sentences, they reiterate the successes they’re currently having, their goals for the future, and why they’d be a good fit for investing.

BP investor proposition


This short but helpful ‘Investor Proposition’ underlines how a company’s message can still be apparent without repeating everything users probably saw on the homepage or other secondary pages. Offering a short summary in your Investors section of what you stand for as a business with an opportunity to ‘Read More’ makes it easily-digested by potential investors.



Marika Hirsch
Marika Hirsch

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