4 Ways to Secure your Digital Brand

Imagine an intruder tearing down the building blocks of your website, and slamming doors at your potential investors. Think about a rival breaking into your Linkedin account and downloading your 500+ connections. Or just recall the recent HMV Twitter Meltdown or the incident where Burger King’s account was hacked by an anonymous McDonald’s fan (did you see that coming??).

None of that has to happen to you. If only you put a security lock on your digital brand. That doesn’t mean you have to leave the center of the social pulse though! Here are some tips on how you can have both:

  1. Monitor & organize to deal with any problems ASAP

    To closely monitor what’s happening at all times, you can to secure your social media accounts with a centralized control system (@hoot it!). By organizing all the platforms together, you’ll then be able to easily spot a potential disaster and put a stop to it immediately.

  2. Selective privacy preferences + limited permissions

    You can control your employees’ access of your website and media platforms with limited permissions. Say for instance, you’ll get to approve the tweets and blog posts before they get published. Stay alert, and you can weed out what is harmful, plus grow security too.

  3. Have a support team & backup, backup, backup

    It could be natural disaster (remember Sandy?), deliberate actions, or human error. With a support team that can attend to you 24/7, if anything comes up, you’ll have a team of professionals helping you right away. What’s more important is to have backups of your website updated regularly. This will make sure your corporate image is always up with NO down-times.

  4. Create a disaster recovery plan

    No one is perfect and robots make mistakes too, Sandy never warned NYC, so it’s best to come up with a plan beforehand. Here are three major components that you should include:
    1) assess the company’s critical needs
    2) list priorities for recovery
    3) establish recovery procedures
    The better you plan, the better the first aid will be for your immediate wound.

Digital branding has become essential to corporations in investor communications. There is just no room for disasters and mistakes in securing your corporate presence online. Let’s keep a watchful eye on our digital footprints, plan ahead, and continue walk through this digital landscape with security and confidence. Or what’s even better, we can do it for you. Contact us @BlenderMedia for more info!

The Blender Team

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