5 reasons for a website redesign during a slow economy

Introduction: A slow economy shouldn’t slow you down

The bleak resource sector provides the perfect opportunity to take stock of your current website and any other ways you’re attracting investors digitally. What areas can you improve? How can you stand out from the crowd? During a slow economy, website redesigns are one of the best ways to attract those who are still looking to invest. Here are five reasons why a slow economy is the perfect time to refresh your website.


Redesign in a slow economy: Less attention calls for more strategy

A slump in your industry is also the most crucial time to streamline all the information on your website. Those in the IR profession who are still visiting your site need to be able to find what they want right away. If you don’t have a good content strategy, you’ll lose the audience that you do have. During the slow economy, take the time to assess every pathway on your website in terms of your company’s main goals. For example, is it more important for your website to feature a new mining project or get people downloading your latest quarterly report? When there’s less noise in the markets, it’s time to refine your message and get it cutting through.



Redesign in an slow economy: Position yourself as an industry leader

A slow economy means bad times for everyone, your competitors included. Be that phoenix from the ashes. Take this time to review your competitor’s websites and take stock of what you can do to perfect your own strategies. While your peers will reduce their marketing efforts and abandon any attempts for some digital upkeep, you’ll have the stage all to yourself. With a website redesign and refreshed brand in a slow economy, you’ll be able to transform your brand into one of the industry’s leaders: one that is strong enough to endure and evolve in tough times.



Redesign in a slow economy: Creating a great investor space now means better gain later

Your website’s main goal is to generate interest and investment, just like any other marketing material. And, just like any other marketing material, the greatest gains will be seen over time. A website redesign now will mean better investor strategy later. (Think easily downloadable presentations, IR materials, and a streamlined navigation). Once your website redesign is complete, you will begin to see your digital marketing efforts pay off. You want the momentum to build over time, so your redesigned website is generating the most interest RIGHT when things get hot again. 



Redesign in a slow economy: Fewer companies are looking to be innovative

As we said above: a slow economy is the perfect time to show everyone that your public company is strong enough to endure the tough times, and also evolve during them. The strategy for many companies will be to wait it out, and postpone all digital initiatives until things start picking back up. This is a golden opportunity for you. While your competitors are choosing to be silent, your efforts will be amplified. See what’s being done in terms of website design, and see what makes sense for your company. Is there a new way to feature your annual reports on your website? A more eye-catching way to display project maps, or feature the most recent news release? Figure that out now and have everything implemented by the time the markets pick back up. And side note: is your site still not a responsive one, meaning people can’t read it properly from their mobile phones or tablets? Time to get on that.



Redesign in a slow economy: Wait, and it's too late

We all know where the ‘I’ll take of it later’ mentality gets you. Not very far. If you’re thinking of waiting until the slow economy is a thing of the past before redesigning your website, you’ll be left behind. You’ll be the one attempting to send potential investors a Powerpoint presentation as an attachment in an email, while your competitor’s redesigned website allows investors to access any presentation easily right on their smartphone. Be that public company that gives investors new, user-friendly ways to access information on your website, and, better yet, be the first to do it.




Marika Hirsch
Marika Hirsch

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