5 Reasons Why Investors Close Websites

If you’re a successful publicly traded company, there would be a million different reasons for investors to invest in you. But the tricky part might be, knowing how to utilize your website to its fullest to make the decision easier for investors. When investors can’t drop by your corporation’s head office or visit your laboratory, they can only resort to analyzing your online web presence.

So what makes an investor stay on your webpage to research your company and finally make a decision to invest? And what makes them click “X” and close your website immediately?

Here’s why investors might close your website (and how to fix that problem):

  1. Your website has broken links
    Broken links are really frustrating, and that’s the same with crashes, freezes and down-times. All of these problems will shatter trust and cause investors to click that red box “X” to close the window. To prevent that from happening, make sure your website is hosted by a reliable server, and that you always have someone on call to save the day.
  2. Investors can’t find the information they need
    When investors come to your website, you can almost assume they’re interested in doing a little bit of research before they make the decision. So when they land on your page and still have to dig through pages and pages of content, of course they’re going to leave! You could add an investor highlight section that is designed to summarize your company’s data into a fun-to-read version. With infographics and punchy statements of your financial strengths and stock quotes, investors will be engaged and interested.
  3. Your webpage hasn’t been updated since 1998
    An ancient website is just going to urge investors to click close. First, it’s not aesthetically pleasing. Second of all, it might mislead your investors. They might ponder whether you’re actually a company that is well established or even question if you actually exist! Just need to freshen up your look sometimes. You can’t wear the same suit for 10 years; likewise, your website needs a new skin. Give it some love!
  4. They’re lost in navigation…
    Your website is not intuitive to use, rather than making your investors’ lives easier, it makes it more difficult for them. End result? Investors will likely go elsewhere. Design is not just an art, but also a science. There are proven standards for layout, design, and functionality. A “cool” but complex design will not impress. Instead, a simple and intuitive design wins.
  5. The website is not optimized for their mobile or tablet
    I’m sure you’ve experienced it too. Tried opening a website and realized you can only view it on desktop because of some flash player issue? You can’t assume they’ll look at your website again when they get a hold of a desktop. Opportunities don’t come twice. Give your website a responsive design – the fluidity to be viewed on all devices.

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