5 Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid

Why scare away your readers with boring subject lines? Chances are, newsletters always have valuable content but we never read them because the headlines are not engaging enough. Here are five things to avoid when it comes optimizing your email marketing:

 Long, windy subject lines

Readers are most likely going to close the window or click elsewhere if your subject line is too long and wordy. To capture readers’ attention, subject lines have to be short and punchy in order to stimulate click-throughs.

Be human, not jargon

Catchy headlines with insider and technical jargon may be intriguing but it’s also going to discourage customers if they’re not familiar with that gobbledygook. So it’s better to replace any technical terms with common language.

Words that spell SPAM

There are certain words you should avoid otherwise your email or newsletter will be caught in spam filters of your readers. Words to avoid would be: “FREE”, “discount”, “call now!”, or “don’t miss a chance to win…” – you get the idea.

Simple and direct > witty and vague

It’s sometimes difficult avoid but it’s best to refrain ourselves from being creative and witty when it comes to subject lines. Keeping it simple and direct will actually get your email opened and read.

Misleading and open promises

Be truthful rather than creating a misleading subject line that your email content doesn’t cover. When your readers open your email, only to find that you made an open promise, they’ll just be disappointed.

Content is important but crafting a terrific headline that secures your readers’ attention is even more important. Readers won’t discover your brilliant content if there isn’t an enticing headline to click-through.

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