5 Ways to Make Business Cards Unique(ly YOU)

Yes, we can exchange contacts via mobile and we can add connections via social media… true, true, but business cards are still an important necessity. Business cards are usually the only tangible thing that people can take away after meeting you. Take your business cards out and examine it: is it designed specifically to showcase your company’s logo and your own personal branding? Feel it, does it appeal to your sense of touch? Think it’ll get lost in the pile?

It’s time to invest in a good business card and here are some ideas:

1. Give it some texture
You want to give your card a quality feel to it, and this can be achieved by using a thicker card stock. It’ll give the card more weight – that feeling will transfer to your brand and give it more credibility. The concept is similar to a firm handshake. Eco-friendly cards that use recycled stock would be a good pick. A wood design or a transparent style – it really depends on the nature of your company.

2. Put a face to a name
If they ever forget what you look like, they can just take out your card. Gurantee that they can put a face to a name with a card like that!

3. Add your URL and social media profiles
It’d be handy for you to include your LinkedIn or your company’s QR code as one of the contact methods. Direct them to your website, emphasize on your web presence! You’re always online right?

4. Make it multi-purpose
It doesn’t have to be ‘just a card.’ One company made chocolate edible cards. Sweet, but what if they didn’t jot down the contact info? They printed their details on the wrapper too, no worries. Others turned their cards into envelopes, mini notepads, magnets and believe it or not, cheese graters too! Business cards can go beyond its core responsibilities – they can also become a part of your company’s marketing strategy.

5. Go beyond that rectangular frame
Jump out of that ordinary frame and try something new! Your card doesn’t necessary have to be a perfect rectangle like everyone else’s.  You might want to smoothen the corners, give it a new shape or add visual effects. Changing it up is good but not tooo much, because you’d still want it to fit nicely in your wallet. Scroll through these examples from Mashable if you have time, some of them are really fun!

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