A Website is the Window To a Company’s Soul

Shama Kabani, author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing is spot on with this statement. Does your company’s site match your brand perception? Your site needs to be attractive, organized and optimized, and the content must be updated regularly. Personally, I will hit the back button in an instant if I land on a site that’s completely out of date, unattractive or I can’t find what I’m looking for right away.

Don’t confuse your users with too many options in your navigation. Make it easy for them to find what they need, with as few clicks as possible.

How well does your site rank in search engine search results? It may be pretty, but how does it stack up in terms of search engine optimization (SEO)?

Do you have a call to action on your site? A newsletter sign-up box perhaps. Why will people sign up? What are you going to give them in return? You need to tell people what they will gain from handing their email address over.

Users will make the decision to stay or leave your website in less than a second—are you confident your site will pass the test?

Learn more from Shama Kabani in her book The Zen of Social Media Marketing. Her chapter on ‘Websites, Blogs, and SEO’ is a very worthwhile read. Scott Stratten has many helpful tips for you in his book, UnMarketing. He’s very entertaining and offers advice and case studies that you can directly apply to your business.

If you need help with your site and aren’t sure what your next move will be, get in touch with Blender. Our skilled design and SEO team are passionate about what we do and we’d love to share our thoughts and suggestions with you.


As Blender’s Creative Director, Jessica loves writing articles to help public companies utilize digitally creative elements in their websites to better connect with investors.