Three Simple Ways to Engage Investors

Brazil Resources Inc. (TSX-V: BRI) is a public mineral exploration company with a focus on the acquisition and development of projects in emerging producing gold districts in Brazil, Paraguay and other parts of South America. Recently we re-designed their website. The company needed a website that could effectively tell their story to investors! Together with the client, we brainstormed different ideas and web design techniques that would help achieve their objective. In the end, we decided that an embedded video, a unique investment highlights page and responsive design were the three tools that could help make BRI’s story be heard.


Embedded Video

Since 2013 was one of the toughest years for the junior mining sector we wanted to find a way where we could effectively communicate BRI’s plan with its shareholders. We chose to use an embedded video because it has the ability to covey a clear and direct message. The video gave BRI’s management team the opportunity to communicate with its audience about its strategy during these tougher times. The CEO, Steve Swatton, and Chairman, Amir Adnani got a chance to touch on all of the market opportunities for the company. The video emphasizes that a downturn can be the best time to grow a new company.


Investment Highlights Page

We created a scrolling parallax page with interactive images to tell BRI’s story, this is the perfect tool for giving your viewers an informative, yet seamless experience. With a micro to macro approach, we used facts, figures, and performance metrics to elaborate on BRI’s story. Starting with micro, the Investment highlights page explains BRI’s rapid resource growth through strategic acquisition, highlighted by their capital structure and strong management team. Then we switch over to the company’s macro story – Why Brazil?  This section highlights the country’s rising economy.


Responsive Design

Brazil Resources has a very diverse group of shareholders so it was important for their website to cater to everyone’s needs. On that note, we used responsive design, a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience. This ensures that all of BRI’s shareholders and future investors can access their site anywhere, on any device.


Hope Recovery Project – Restoring Hope in Our Community

As an interactive agency, building investor awareness is what we do best. We influence people to think, talk, act and react! Our mission not only includes inspiring investor confidence, but also inspiring change in our community. The Hope Recovery Project is a project that is doing exactly that – inspiring change!

The Hope Recovery Project is a partnership between the Vancouver mining sector (that’s where we come in!) and the Union Gospel Mission (UGM). The project is raising funds to sponsor men through UGM’s intensive 6 month Alcohol and Drug Recovery program. The program rediscovers the forgotten and powerful – hope – for individuals in Metro Vancouver. Through this life-changing experience, men break free from addictive lifestyles and recover their best chance to succeed.

The collaborative efforts of Arash Adnani (Blender Media), Amir Adnani (Uranium Energy Corp.), Neil Adshead, Darryl Cardey (Millrock Resources), the Vancouver mining sector and UGM have been successful in creating a brighter future for people in our community. Last year, the project helped 12 men take part in this life-changing program.

This year is off to a great start. We’ve raised $92,310.00 and hope to raise another $17,690.00 to reach this year’s goal. This will help 10 more men get their lives back on the right track through UGM’s transformative 6 month program!

Will you consider a gift to help make this hope possible? Read some of the success stories at to learn more about  how these funds make a difference in the lives of men in need.

We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of people in need, not only in investor’s confidence! We are excited to keep on thinking, talking, acting, and reacting to issues in our community! Join us and learn more about what you can do to spread hope and second chances @BlenderMedia and @UGM.