Hey Blender, What Happened?

After a social media hiatus, we’re back! Keep checking in with us for new material, and click here to follow us on Twitter! For now, here’s a list we compiled of 10 things that happened when we were away:

1. We moved into a new office!

Our growing Blender team has expanded into a new office! We’re now located at 1190 Melville Street in Downtown Vancouver. Stop by and say hello!

2. Conan O’Brien joined Tinder with the help of Dave Franco

What exactly is brown lightning? Watch the video here and find out.

3. Mark Zuckerberg out-riched Larry Page

At $33 billion, Zuckerberg is now worth more than both Google co-founders after Facebook “beat the street” in late July with its stock price reaching a whopping $76. 4. We hired two new Blenderians!

We’re excited to have Miranda Jacobsen and Marika Hirsch joining our Blender team! Miranda is from Penticton and joins the team as our newest web developer. Marika recently moved from San Francisco and is our new content manager. Welcome M&M! 5. LeBron James: Cavalier after all

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. In his words, “I’m coming home.” After four years with the Miami Heat–an experience James likens to going away to college-he’ll be playing for Cleveland once more. 6. GoPro went public (and can’t be stopped)

Their faces in this picture say it all. GoPro’s IPO at the end of June, according to Forbes, “amounted to one of the largest consumer electronics IPOs ever.” 7. Client website redesign and case study

We developed a case study for a client’s new website that’s unlike any we’ve ever done before, and we’re excited to unveil it soon! Here’s Jess working on the new site:   8. Germany won the World Cup and smoked Brazil along the way

7-1?! 9. Airbnb made things comfier

The popular online company for renting lodging launched a massive redesign in July, aimed primarily at streamlining listings and making navigation easier for users. 10. We lost a legend

Actor and comedian Robin Williams passed away on August 11. We at Blender all have our memories growing up with his work. O Captain, my captain! You’ll be missed.  Here’s our favourite Robin Williams tribute video: httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6csfDT5ovps 


The Blender Team

Marika Hirsch
Marika Hirsch

As Blender’s Content Manager (aka ‘Resident Wordsmith’) Marika enjoys bringing readers the latest and greatest in both digital trends and IR tips. Follow along on Twitter: