Cheat sheet to Live Tweeting at IR Events


Why live tweet? – Because “there is no time like the present.” It is real-time communication with IR professionals online, and it’s a great opportunity to provide valuable content that is worthwhile to the IR society. Twitter has found that across many different industries, live tweets consistently boost retweets, @mentions and new followers. So do give your point of view in tweets at IR conferences and events, and below are some ways to get started. We’ve also revamped this post to add a few new tips from Twitter’s latest developments. Read the newly refreshed blog post here! 

Find the #Event2013 hashtag
The first step is, of course, finding the specific hashtag for that particular conference, event or webinar.
#CIRI2013, #SMCorpGov, #DMSummit

Get those @Twitter handles!
It’ll be useful to do some research beforehand to create a list of Twitter handles. That would include speakers and attendees as well. It’s probably best to get to know the crowd and exchange Twitter handles? So if you were to quote a certain comment made at this event, you can @mention them to engage.

Preschedule standard tweets
This would be an absolute timesaver. Get those standard tweets ready-to-go before you walk in. For instance:
Now: live tweeting on #topic hosted by @Speaker at #Event2013
Looking forward to @Speaker’s #paneltopic at #Event2013
Getting ready for the #topic webinar today 10AM with @Speaker #WebinarHashtag

Give insider perspectives
Take advantage of your presence at the event and make a tweet that only you can provide. You can quote a big moment and comment on it. You can act as the reporter and share strong opinions that are expressed or the explorer who poses questions. The important thing is to share useful information and give a point of view.

Join the larger conversation
Do have a read through other @attendees’ live tweets by searching the hashtag #Event2013. Retweet if you find the tweet useful or reply to share insights, it’s all about social engagement. You don’t have to worry about flooding your followers’ timelines because unless they also follow the person you’re tweeting to, your conversation won’t show up on their timeline.

Capture moments in photos
See a PowerPoint slide that sums up the panel? Take a photo of it and share it. It’s a great way to deconstruct the content you have at hand, and disseminating it in different mediums. With a photo, you can share it on other social networks that rely heavily on photos, i.e. Instagram.

Or even better, in videos!
Yes! Press record and share real-time information! A 15 second video clip of a certain slide will allow you to give your followers “zoomed-in detail” that they usually don’t get to see. Mobile video is booming and social media platforms are welcoming the use of videos. Why not take advantage of it right?

Happy live tweeting all! And if you have other tips you’d like to share, let us know or tweet @BlenderMedia!



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