#CIRI2013 Rise to the Challenge: A Higher Standard of IR

What do you have scheduled for June 2-4th 2013? We have plans to attend the Canadian Investor Relations Institute (CIRI) Annual Conference! This year’s conference will be held at beautiful British Columbia – will we see you up at Whistler, BC?

The Annual Conference program has been released and it looks like it has a great blend of IR and fun. It kicks start with a golf tournament – most likely because golf and investing share so many similarities. For instance, there are no second shots or do-overs in both golf games and world of finance, and you can’t determine your future success with just one game. It’ll be an interesting game of golf while we practice and exchange investing tips, no?

In between sessions and investor success stories from influential speakers, the conference will also cover topics such as crisis communications, new regulatory changes, international marketing, and what’s next in the global economy. In today’s market, your company needs every competitive advantage and insightful discussion to help you exceed challenges.

“Knowing what’s going on in the markets and where they’re headed is half the battle” already, why miss the conference? Here, have a read through the conference program and start planning your time in Whister, BC! Which session, workshop, panel discussion or presentation interests you most? Let us know @BlenderMedia and we’ll see you there #CIRI2013!

The Blender Team

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