Connecting With Your On-The-Go Investors: The Complete Mobile-Friendly Checklist

Welcome to Part 5 of the Blender Blog’s highlights of our CIRI BC collaborative interactive eBook called Connecting With Your On-the-Go Investors: The Complete Mobile-Friendly Checklist. During the last month, we’ve written a lot of big picture articles, given you examples from peer companies of great mobile optimization, and peaked your interest (hopefully) at the fearsome “Mobilegeddon” Google update of last year. This week, however, it’s time to get down to specifics and think about what concrete steps you can take now in order to create an effective mobile strategy for your investors. Big picture articles are important in order to grasp exactly what is going on, but sometimes we get that you just want to see a checklist.

That’s why Section 5 of our interactive eBook provides you with a complete mobile-friendly checklist to run through yourself and assess the mobile readiness of your public company website. Section 5 also features some scenarios that on-the-go investors may encounter when viewing your website from a mobile device. How long will it take them to pull up your latest annual report while they’re in line for their morning coffee? What if they want to give you their email to receive a company newsletter? Are they able to do it on their walk to lunch? Test your website with our scenario section and see how easy it is for investors to download your information to their phones.

Mobile-Friendly Checklist

Here are three elements the complete mobile-friendly checklist looks for, and why they’re important:


But does it work? Your company can have the flashiest or most cutting edge website design out there, but if easy processes don’t work from a mobile phone or a tablet, your investors are bound to get frustrated. The Functionality portion of our downloadable checklist checks items such as:

  • How long do images take to load on your website?
  • How easy is it to pull up an email signup form and fill it out?
  • Are image galleries easy to navigate?
  • Are there any broken links?

User Experience

The User Experience section of the checklist takes you one step further and asks you to put yourself in the mindset of your on-the-go investors and decide how fluid your website is, taking into account each pathway and call-to-action. Some things we’ll check include:

  • Does the content hierarchy make sense on the page?
  • Are all colours and text on your website on brand for your company?

Search Ranking 

This is where your website meets the digital age. It’s not enough anymore to have a website out there and assume people can find you from search engines. Improve your rankings on Google through SEO, make sure your meta-description is up to date, and more. The Search Ranking section will check:

  • In what place is your website in mobile search results?
  • Does your website have a ‘mobile-friendly’ stamp on Google Chrome?
  • What comes up when you type your company name into a search bar?

Take a look at the complete checklist and scenarios to get you mobile-friendly in our interactive eBook Connecting With Your On-The-Go Investors and start checking off those boxes!

Marika Hirsch
Marika Hirsch

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