How Apps Have Transformed Our Lives

701 apps launched every day last year and who knows about this year! Take a minute to think about how many apps you click into and swipe though in a day, probably countless? Face it, apps have changed our lives… and it’s going to change the way we do business and investor relations even more drastically than ever. What you might not have expected is that, apps are also doing #SocialGood. Read about the app case studies I have for you to find out how apps transform the many actions we do:

Square Wallet

Girl Scouts are already using Square wallet app as an easy way to accept credit cards to sell cookies. And I thought we were tech-savvy. Square’s bigger vision is to use people’s cell phones as “fingerprints”. What does that mean? So in time (near future maybe?), when you walk into a store, your phone will automatically announce your presence for you. And that’s not it… the cash register will already know your name, face, plus preferred payment method. When you do go ahead and buy something, they’ll just check your name and face, then charge it on your credit card! Easier than buying your cup of Starbucks via the barcode app, don’t you think?

IR: Yep there’s an App for that

The key to investor relations has always been consistent and honest communication, and nowadays, digital communications dominate the rest. To do continuous investor outreach, you might want to take advantage of the social media explosion and consider the IR app. The app allows investors to navigate through an information flow – corporate docs, presentations, SEC filings, investor videos and company news etc. – with just a touch on their phones. Considering a recent survey shows that 88% IROs believe that public companies need to develop a mobile IR strategy, IR mobile-friendly websites are definitely a must, and the IR app is probably your next step in staying current.

Swipe & slice with Touch Surgery

Ever dreamt of being a surgeon? (Yea, and then the internet happened) Or are you working towards being one? Well, get “hands on” experience with Touch Surgery, the iPad app, that teaches surgeons how to operate. Literally, “swipe and slice”, you learn by doing, without the blood of course. So, with just a swipe of the finger, you slice open the patient’s skin. A few more swipes, pinches and taps – operation complete – you’ve just removed the gallbladder. Through the app, patients can also get accessible learning, and understand the procedure they’re going to undertake. Now isn’t that an innovative app that does good for both surgical trainees and patients?

Japan’s app-driven lives

In Japan, a country with a tech-savvy reputation, cherry blossoms are blooming but applications are too. The thing is, they have their own domestic apps that we should probably tune into too. Apparently, Japanese fishermen in Hokkaido are using an app to record and keep track where they have fished, to avoid over-fishing from happening. (Why aren’t we doing that for sustainable fishing?) You can also hire an app to be your wedding planner to figure out your long list of ‘to-do’s. Without fear of theft in Japan, iPhone & iPads are used as a menu and ordering device, directly used by customers. There is also an app that’ll create stats on your facial dimensions, and tell you what fashion best suits you. Talk about an app-driven life!

Blackmail yourself for efficiency

News says that there’s an ultimate productivity app, ahem, Blackmailr. An app that’ll take aesthetically unpleasing photos of you automatically via your laptop, transform itself into an ‘to-do list’ app, monitor your work progress, and then, threaten to leak this gallery of ugly photos on twitter. All to ensure you make it to your DEADline. As thoughtful as it all sounds… Happy April Fools’, I’m just joking! (Sorry if I got your hopes up!) This is just an idea a tech writer @guardian has developed. If you’re programmer, know that he’s looking for you to make Blackmailr a reality!

Apps are really the heart and soul of our phones. And it’s because of the apps, we rely on our cells so heavily and make mobile our new technology evolution. The future is most likely in mobile and other multi-screens, so mobile-friendly websites are a must. Some brands have also started creating their own apps for social engagement, to follow or not to follow? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts @BlenderMedia!

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