How to Retain Your Online Credibility

Trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. We put in a lot of work in design to better represent publicly traded companies online. Our goal is always to portray the best, so that trust immediately transpires to investors when they land on their website.

To help you capture and maintain investor confidence on a long-term basis, we’ve got some handy tips for you:

Check for bad spelling, grammar mistakes and typos
Grammar and spelling mistakes can sometimes change the meaning of your sentences entirely. And typos just make you look unprofessional. Wehn tht haapens, wat credibilty do you hve?  It’s the easiest one, so double and triple-check before you let your work go live on the internet.

Fix broken links and never let a line of <coding> appear
Broken links can break your image, literally. When they see the “404 Error Pages”, it’s not only going to frustrate the investors, it might actually cause them to think your company is: inconsistent, poorly managed or badly presented… well, basically, anything but credible. Revive dead links and glue broken ones back together – or just let us handle the gobbledygook for you.

Be human and show your brand
Would you trust someone that’s faceless? I certainly wouldn’t. And I doubt investors would too. Brands often overlook the importance of a human touch. Let it be photographs, videos, or testimonials and endorsements, they all add a sense of authenticity to your brand story. It’ll make your corporation more sincere and reliable. Why? Because it feels real that way. Working with real people and making real connections.

Give sufficient proof
Smart investors are not going to invest in you blindly. So always give them the information they need to make a decision. Years of experience, good liquidity, strong financials, compelling growth, reserves and resources, stock info, and etc., display it all on one page. Then it’ll be easy to locate. This will give them a reason to trust you.

Expose yourself online
When investors type your company name in search engines and see no signs of you… some may actually jump to conclusion that you don’t exist. Or just move on to another company and make other investments. It’s important to best present yourself, but keeping a regular online presence also increases your trust factor. Search engine marketing and social media strategies will achieve this for you, and in result of that, your company will be more open to new opportunities as well!

The Blender Team

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