How to Upgrade your Online Style: Tools for IR Success

Without me saying, you’ve probably noticed that every hot web company is either getting a style makeover or expanding their wardrobe of add-ons or platforms. Well, spring is about getting a fresh new look after all, no? Besides having to get used to another new Facebook, we can also choose to pick up a few web design #trends and wear it ourselves to open new doors to investors. So, what can we learn from these social media stylists and boost investor relations? And, how can you adopt these redesigns to your websites and dress for success? Read on…

Get a New Facebook

Facebook is creating a new newsfeed to make itself the front-runner for being the “best personalized newspaper” online (vs. Twitter). Pinterest is already in the streets with its new redesign. And y’know what, both style makeovers share many similarities, and convenient enough, your website can also wear these redesigns:

1) A cleaner & smoother interface: on your website can create less clutter and more space for valuable IR content.

2) Bigger pictures (or pins): 2013 is all about the moving visuals and videos, that’s why both media platforms are doing bigger visual updates. If you have investor videos (you should get ‘em), you’d want that to be loud and clear too, wouldn’t you?

3) New navigational capabilities: And of course, why have your investors in risk of being lost in navigation and miss your IR content?

You’ll be surprised… a few tweaks in your website design can make a big impact on your investor relations. I mean, why else would Facebook and Pinterest invest in these design makeovers?

4) Have Investors Check-in @YourCorporateBlog

Twitter adds Vine (videos) and music to their wardrobe, and Facebook acquires Storylane. It’ll be Facebook’s new blogging platform – designed for users to share more meaningful and elaborative content.

How does this apply to your IR communications strategy? Answer: a corporate blog.

Investor communications are best delivered in writing, aka blogging in today’s language. A corporate blog allows you to communicate detailed IR content to your investors, and respond to industry news & stakeholders. Corporate blogs are under-used at the moment because it takes commitment, but consistent and honest writing is what’ll trigger investor feedback.

5) Start Measuring your Success

Pinterest and Klout have just launched web analytics that allow users to measure influence and track footprints. Similarly, your website is not complete without analytics. Think of social media measurement tools, like Google Analytics, as those basic statement pieces in your closet that’ll never go out of trend. Analytics help you identify where your social traffic comes from, what works and what doesn’t, and how you can double the clicks and feedback.

Well, this is just a quick summary of recent social media & web design trends. Think I missed an obvious trend? Or you want to know more about how Blender can get you the new look? Give me a shout @BlenderMedia and you’ll get all the >#blenderSUPPORT!

The Blender Team

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