How to use LinkedIn Apps for Power Networking

LinkedIn’s New Mobile App

As you may already know, LinkedIn recently updated their mobile app, and the complete makeover focuses more heavily on stories and the updates. With a more visually engaging update stream and navigation options that users can personalize themselves, LinkedIn is definitely pushing for more mobile user engagement. Update your version of LinkedIn if you haven’t already!

LinkedIn’s Contacts > Address Book

Basically, the LinkedIn Contacts app aims to replace your address book on your iPhone. It’ll be the one place to go for all your professional contacts. It goes through your address books, emails and calendars to auto update everything for you. Click on a contact, you’d be able to see the last email you sent out to this contact via Gmail, the connection’s recent LinkedIn activity and details of the last meeting you had with them – all on one status stream. Job changes, birthdays, meetings etc., all for you to swipe through with ease too!

Cardmunch it and LinkedIn right away

Think about all the times you attend conferences and meetings, where you meet plenty of new connections and end up with a stack of name cards…which you tend to misplace here and there. Well, Cardmunch is going to help you prevent that. Snap photos of your name cards and you’ll always have them on your phone. What’s even better is that, it’ll process the information for you! Yes, it’ll give you the option to add the contact to your iPhone address book and add them on LinkedIn as connections right away.

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