How to use video for investor relations

Introduction: Incorporate video for investor relations to up your IR game

There are many ways a company can use video for investor relations in order to grab an investor’s attention. We’ve made a list of some ways you can start using video in your future investor relations strategies with five examples of companies doing it the right way.

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1. Educate people about what you really do

Here’s a video we did for the folks at Uranium Energy Corp. The company wanted to talk about the new ISR mining technology they’re incorporating into one of their projects. Instead of attempting to describe the technology in long paragraphs, we produced a short animated video under their website section ‘Uranium 101.’ Educating about your product is a great way to utilize video for investor relations so potential investors and current stakeholders can learn what the company does.  Click to :45 to see the animations really kick in.



2. Address big company changes and common questions

If something really big is happening in your company, address it with a video. Stakeholders and community members alike are sure to have questions when it comes to a big transition, like new leadership or a merger. A concise company video can answer most questions at once and shows you’re on the ball in addressing the situation first.

Here’s an example from Medtronic, a medical technology and services company, who acquired the company Covidien last year. They utilized video for investor relations initiatives to educate stakeholders shortly after the merger about the ‘Medtronic story’, and said in a statement, “as we welcome Covidien to Medtronic, learn about our journey to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life for millions of people around the world”.


Another example is Bill Gates (yeah that guy) welcoming Microsoft’s new CEO. If Bill Gates is telling you about the new CEO, you listen.

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3. If you like it, then you shoulda put a face on it (aka CEO videos)  

Get your CEO talking. Microsoft is a great example of how company videos don’t have to include crazy animations or special effects to be interesting and get an important point across. To introduce their new CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft published this video of Nadella and an interviewer just strolling around the Microsoft campus talking about life and his exciting new role. Nadella takes the opportunity to say how “honored, humbled, and excited” he is to be offered the position. Face time with the boss, even in video, goes a long way. 


4. Three words. Corporate. Social. Responsibility.

TD Bank has an entire video gallery within their Corporate Responsibility tab showcasing different ways the bank gave back to their community. To put it plainly, it’s a lot more motivational watching a video about the affected community rather than reading paragraphs on a website.

using video for investor relations

Videos not only showcase what you’ve been doing in terms of CSR, but also why the acts themselves are so beneficial for public companies. Nielsen, a global information and measurement company, posted a video on their investors page of the executive director Nic Covey giving an interview about the extreme importance behind Corporate Social Responsibility and public companies. This is a brilliant move because it positions Covey, and by association the company, as a thought leader in CSR and CSR reporting.


using video for investor relations




Conclusion: Go beyond best practices

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to have an investor relations website without multimedia elements. The most important part of your IR site is to ensure investors can get the information they need right away. Using video for investor relations, however, can really give you an edge over your peers. Everyone is checking off the best practice lists, but how many are thinking of how they can take their corporate IR website beyond that? Introducing video, even a small 30 second CEO message, could really take your investor relations section to the next level.


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