Improve investor relations on your website

Introduction: Why it’s important to improve investor relations online

You can be sure that current investors, potential shareholders, and other interested parties will navigate to your corporate IR website at some point for the information they need, even if it’s simply once a quarter to view quarterly results or watch a webcast. Regardless if it’s once a quarter or once a day, you need to be considering ways you can improve investor relations online. When it comes to converting investors with your website, or at least getting them to reach out and request more information, think of these three key items as guides when re-evaluating your online IR strategy.

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improve investor relations on your website

Can investors easily navigate to and have access to all the documents they need? The key to having a fluid website navigation and easy-to-find investor materials is to put yourself in their shoes. What do investors coming to your website want to see first? If you’ve recently released an interactive annual report, the link should be front and centre in your investor section. Do investors follow you on social media? Have you provided an easy access link from your social accounts to your most recent reports or quarterly results? Does your IR section have a highlights section? Improve investor relations online by having a plan for the content you’re releasing next, from where it will be displayed on your website to how many channels you will include as you publicize.



improve investor relations on your website

Mobile is the #1 element you should be focusing on to improve investor relations online. A 2015 Adobe report called ‘The State of Content’ found that out of over 2000 US consumers surveyed, 73% of users said that company content “must display well on any device”. Here’s another stat a little closer to home: findings by the IRApp and IR Magazine in 2014 reported that out of 300 institutional investors surveyed, over 83% rely on mobile when it comes to their work. Have you looked at the way your corporate IR site looks on a smartphone or tablet lately? To improve investor relations, your investors must be able to easily access and download documents onto their phones or tablets. But it’s not just about the way your website looks on mobile. What about how well your website and IR site does in Google search results? If investors can’t find you easily on Google, they may give up and navigate away. Specific tips within our 9 tips to improve investor communication on your website eBook show you how to do a quick mobile assessment.


Investor messaging

improve investor relations online

Investors care about your company story. A B2B survey conducted last year by three reputable marketing firms found that on a company’s homepage, 86% of visitors want to see information about the company’s services and over 52% are most interested in ‘About Us’ information. Some questions to ask yourself when going over your company content could be: Is your main product, project location, or selling point easy to grasp? Can investors understand the initial value of your company upon 5 seconds of landing on your investor page? Are the most important call-to-actions for investors easy to spot on the page?


9 tips to improve investor communication with your website

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