Increase Productivity with Social Media Tools

It is a common misconception that when social media walks into your life, your productivity flies out of window. The “Big Data” firm Evolv and Warwick Business School have shown that social media is good (in moderation). Employees who are social butterflies on one to four social networking websites on a weekly basis are actually more productive than those who don’t use social media at all!

Well, the keyword is [in moderation].

We all have moments where we just need a #socialmedia time-out because there is work to be done. Do you always find yourself thinking, if only I could just stop myself from checking <insert social media site> for an hour, I’d have this written and done by now.

No worries, your solution is here.

There are now apps you can download on your computer and/or laptop, where you can block a list of sites for a specific duration – all so you can tune into work and meet deadlines (…and check your klout score leisurely later). Say, for example, you can just set it up so that you can’t access Facebook and YouTube for an hour so you can get a proposal written and polished. Though I must warn you, it survives reboots and uninstalls too… Tough luck if you change your mind!

If you’re ready to give up social media – just temporarily – give these apps a try!

SelfControl – for mac users
Cold Turkey – for Windows

Let me know how it goes @BlenderMedia, would love to hear any interesting stories you might have during that hour of “social media self-control”!

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