Is your IR Website too “cookie cutter”?

Seeing how social media is booming, it’s easy to forget that social media is just a supplement to your website, and not a substitute. The investors who actually care about your company are the ones who will come to your website. Think social media as a tool that helps you disseminate information, and always remember that website is the home of your digital branding. Ask yourself these questions, and figure out whether your IR website is an effective online presence to investors or just another “cookie cutter” webpage:

Does the website provide unique content to help investors better understand your company? A successful website would provide investors with information that will help them make investment decisions. Unique content might include corporate presentations, investor videos and other financial details. Enrich your website with unique information that’ll allow investors to better evaluate the company!

Is it easy to navigate? Will investors be able to easily locate information? A simplified and intuitive design is best when it comes to corporate websites. Web design is not just an art, but also a science. You’d want the design of your website to be modern but most importantly, the design needs to be functional. And be sure not to overlook mobile optimization, if your website is not viewable on other screens, then investors will have no access to your website when they’re on-the-go.

Do you update corporate information every quarter? The key to any communication strategy is updating and managing content on a regular and frequent basis. Unique content needs to be current and relevant in order for investors to make decisions. Let them be investor presentations, news releases or periodic reports, keep them updated!

How does it look? Does it reflect your corporate branding? Take a look at your competitors’ websites; does your website stand apart from your competition? Does the website communicate your company’s goals and initiatives? It is absolute critical that your website is unique and that it’s consistent. Images should be relevant to your content and your brand, and there should be a consistent color scheme throughout all pages. You wouldn’t want any unnecessary inconsistency to muddle up with your corporate brand.

Does it provide effective two-way communication? By making your website more interactive and easier for communication, your company is more likely to stand out and be less “cookie cutter”. Reaching out to investors with social media integration or giving them the option to fill-in their contact information will encourage them find out more. A good communication system on the website will help foster relationships and build trust – it can only personalize your brand!

Here are just a few questions to give you a brief idea of how effective your IR website is. It’s best to perform a detailed website audit once per year. It’ll give you better insight on how your website is doing in the different components (design, lead generation, SEO etc.), and allow you to identify ways to improve it! Let us know if you need our help, we’re always here @BlenderMedia!

The Blender Team

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