The list to end all lists: Our top 10 favourite 2014 best-of lists

We’ve rounded up our favourite year-end lists on every subject, in one place.

1. ‘The 2014 Jealousy List‘ – Bloomberg Businessweek 

jealously listBloomberg cleverly pens, “The staff of Bloomberg Businessweek produced…7.5 million words-too much! So it’s time to give some of our colleagues at other news organizations a little recognition. Here’s our second annual Jealousy List, composed entirely of the pieces we wish we’d written but were glad to have read”.

2. The 18 best infographics of 2014 -Fastcodesign 


3. Top 10 Trending Twitter Hashtags – CNN

icebucket challenge

4. The Best Data Journalism of 2014 – FiveThirtyEight

data journalism

5. The Year of Outrage – Slate 

year of outrageNot so much a list as an everyday chronicling of anger, but this was so great we included it anyways. Slate ‘tracked what everyone was outraged about every day in 2014’.

6. The Top 10 Gadgets of 2014 – TIME  

apple watchOnce again this year, it seems Apple reigns supreme.

7. Songs We Loved 2014 – NPR    

npr songs we loveNPR took their list a step further and created their own interactive mix tape of the year, where listeners can shuffle back and forth between songs and choose different genres.

8. The 50 best films of 2014 – Empire 

boyhoodThough there are a hundred ‘best films of 2014’ lists out there, we’ve chosen Empire’s because of the list’s sleek design and crazy amount of detail. Each movie review also comes conveniently linked with its trailer.

9. The 20 best music videos of 2014 – Pitchfork 


10. The 33 Craziest New Fast Foods of 2014 – Buzzfeed 


BONUS: ‘There are way too many best of 2014 lists’ – FiveThirtyEight 


FiveThirtyEight figures out how original these countless Year-End lists really are in their article ‘There are way too many best of 2014 lists.’ They scanned the internet for different mentions of movies, television, books, etc. on ‘best of 2014’ lists, and then made some handy infographics.



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