List Hygiene: Or why You Should Love Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

If you work in IR, then you know that list hygiene counts. After all, why bother sending your news release to a bunch of obsolete accounts, spam traps and people who don’t read, don’t care, or can’t remember signing up for your emails in the first place?

With Canada’s anti-spam legislation now in place, you need to think about keeping your list compliant and minty-fresh.

Generally speaking, Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation prohibits the sending of commercial email messages or data to someone who does not give their express (explicit) consent to receive the email.

The key phrase is “express consent” which is something that must be documented. Documentation can consist of a “confirm opt-in” date which is recorded either in an email or through the submission of a form action (such as when someone clicks on a “confirm” button in an email or on a web page).

At Blender Media Inc., we’re already implementing the use of a double opt-in process to confirm subscribers to your list. After signing up through an online form on your website, subscribers will receive an “opt-in” email with a button that they must click in order to confirm their express consent. Submitting the form will still add the subscriber to your list but they will NOT receive emails until their express consent is given.

For more information please visit the government website to read the latest regulation details:

Keep checking back for more information on the CASL and list hygiene tips!

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