3 Ways To Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy This Year

We’re halfway through the calendar year, which is about the time when companies like yours are taking stock of overall progress in 2018 – from company revenue to CSR reporting, expense reports to marketing acquisition and engagement. Optimization in all areas of your business is essential to having a strong final half of the calendar year. One particular area of your business to optimize quickly – and with clear focus – is your digital marketing strategy. Not only are your digital efforts easier to optimize in comparison to traditional marketing, digital and content marketing cost 62% less than traditional, and yields 3X as many leads.

Marketing for public companies and investor relations is constantly evolving, so we’re dedicated to educating ourselves and staying on top of the industry. As we’ve moved through the first half of this year with our clients, we have identified and outlined areas to best optimize their marketing strategies and digital integration efforts.

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Here are 3 ways to optimize your digital marketing strategy this year.


Video and images make a significant impact on engagement

There’s no doubt that video has been an important part of digital marketing for years, though it has been much more prominent and often expected as of late. Similarly, the strategic use of imagery on websites, CSR reports, annual reports, etc. has also increased viewership. The average person watches 1.5 hours of video each and every day, and with video acting as a powerful connector between company and investor, your digital strategy should also include video.

Most innovative digital marketing and video strategies include VR (virtual reality) and 360º video, with companies like Teekay leading the way. Teekay has developed an impressive video strategy to tell their story through 360º videos, which allows viewers to be immersed in experiences such as being in an at-berth ship-to-ship transfer, taking a look inside a pilot’s cabin, being in a helicopter ride and other great adventures. It’s a great way for Teekay to take potential investors through their operation without needing to travel.


Integrate social media as part of  your digital strategy

Social media isn’t going anywhere, though the use of social media with public companies and IR has long been at odds with one another. With that said, there are plenty of investors and companies who have certainly embraced networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, while others are just dipping their toes in the water.

These social platforms can be a great way to find potential investors for your company. Connecting with the community by perusing hashtags like #USInvestor, #investorrelations, #IRinvestment on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, could bring plenty of accounts that could potentially engage with your business. Similarly, searching for specific companies and job titles on LinkedIn is a great tool to connect with like-minded individuals.

Our free downloadable guide has great tips on how to set up your social media accounts, when to post and more.


Test your website speed and performance

Your website is the number one driver of online engagement with your brand – it’s a 24/7 representation of your business. This means website speed and performance should be top of mind.

Click here to test your website performance. It’s a handy free tool from Google that will give you insights into your overall speed score, and feedback on what you can optimize to make your website load faster. As of July 9 2018, page speed on your mobile website is more important than ever when it comes to mobile search ranking. Google rolled out an update to mobile websites that makes pagespeed a ranking factor for mobile searches, so if your website is slow, you could see a decrease in organic traffic.

Integrating video content in your digital marketing strategy, utilizing the power of social media and optimizing website speed and performance are three great ways to get your digital marketing strategy ready for the remainder of 2018.

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Nicole Van Zanten
Nicole Van Zanten

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