‘Pa-Drone’: See Patrón’s virtual reality drone marketing campaign

The Art of Patrón

Happy Cinco de Mayo! While browsing the internet for what’s new and exciting in digital marketing trends, we thought it would be fitting today to highlight Patrón’s newest marketing campaign. The world famous Mexican tequila’s new virtual reality experience called ‘The Art of Patrón’ is aimed at giving consumers an up close and personal glimpse at the extreme care and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle.

Through the eyes of a bee 

Patrón, along with FirstBorn agency, decided to immerse the viewer completely in a virtual reality film experience from the perspective of a bee, the brand’s icon. According to PR Newswire, the Art of Patrón: Virtual Reality Experience “is the first by a brand that combines live-action film with cinematic CGI animation”. The experience was filmed in Mexico “using a specialized drone that was custom-built for the project”. The drone was also outfitted with seven different GoPro cameras. The result is a stunning video that takes you from the sweeping agave fields to the heart of the distillery, in just over a minute. The virtual reality experience comes once a viewer puts on an Oculus headset, but for most of us, the dizzying drone-filmed video can be viewed online here (it works great on a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop computer).

Shots of the distilleryGlimpse into the process behind it all

Brands using drones to film projects

The completely immersive experience that’s achieved through filming processes such as these and through virtual reality was crucial for Patrón to capture. The company’s CMO Lee Applbaum stated that “the idea behind the campaign came from the fact that the distillery is located in a remote part of Mexico. The virtual reality is meant to replicate, as closely as possible, the on-site experience”. Patrón are just the latest of many companies who are starting to really see the potential drones and other modern technologies have on their campaigns, and overall brand engagement.

Adweek quotes Applbaum saying, “it’s very ironic that we’re using cutting-edge technology to tell this story of a very traditional, time-honored and ancient process…All of this audio and video from the drone gives you this sensation that you are this bee flying through places that ordinarily you simply could not do.”

Here’s a behind the scenes video of the campaign from the folks at FastCompany:


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